Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lame. Duck!

The title of this post is directed to Texas Governor Rick Perry, in recognition of the breathtaking arrogance and unparalleled stupidity of his decision to use an executive order to mandate that all Texas schoolgirls be given an unproven, unpopular, and potentially dangerous vaccine.

America, take note: when your legislatures refuse to do the job for which they were elected, preferring photo-ops and endless campaigning to the business of actually making the laws, their lawmaking function will be usurped by the other branches of government. First, unelected judges will 'interpret' laws in such a way as to make up whole new ones out of whole cloth and penumbras; then, people like Governor Perry, in his role as the living embodiment of the saying "more hair than wit" will want to get in on the act; and before you know it, lawmaking will be such a disrespected job that we'll be outsourcing it, or inviting illegal immigrants into our country to "make the laws America's Senators and Representatives just won't make."