Friday, March 9, 2007

Make Them Walk the Plank!

It seems as though each time a new presidential election rolls around, a certain element within the Republican Party starts to talk about whether or not it's important to nominate a pro-life candidate. The sound bites spread on talk radio, the Internet, and more conventional news sources. They all seem to say the same thing.

They say we've already lost the culture war. They say we can't expect to win on such issues as abortion and gay marriage, at least not at the political level. That's just 'reality.' Instead, 'reality' demands that we must give up the notion that we can elect a leader who will mirror our positions on social issues, particularly on abortion; instead, we should work on 'changing the hearts' of our fellow Americans on these issues. What good it will do us to change the hearts of people after we've entrenched abortion even further through pro-abort Supreme Court justices and the pouring of more federal dollars into Planned Parenthood's coffers is never discussed. I suppose some of their 'reality' is better left unsaid.

I'm with Baron Munchausen, who would say to these people, "Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."

The worst thing about this element within the Republican Party, some of whom are undoubtedly people like this, is that this time around they may get what they want: the primaries may end with a pro-abortion candidate running as the Republican presidential nominee. And by the time the 2008 election takes place, whether or not this candidate is elected, the Republican Party will no longer be the pro-life party.

Pro-choice Republicans have been trying for years to remove the pro-life plank from the party's platform. I don't think there's any doubt: if a pro-abortion candidate for president is nominated, the pro-life plank is deadwood, and will be jettisoned.

And if that happens, Americans will no longer have to choose between, as Mark Shea lovingly calls them, the 'Evil Party' and the 'Stupid Party.' Our choice will be between the 'Old Evil Party' and the 'New, Improved Evil Party (Now Pro-Abortion for Added Convenience!).' The so-called 'conservative Republicans' who are laying the groundwork for this sea-change are quislings in every sense of the term. The widespread horror of federally funded abortions, both domestic and around the world, will be laid at their feet.

But what about the position many of them take, that after all, Presidents can't do much for the pro-life movement anyway, and in the meanwhile, there's a war on?

Suppose a city had four thousand murders every day. Suppose the newly-elected chief of police was 'pro-choice' on the issue of murder, but ran on a campaign promise to wipe out theft in the city. Even if he kept that promise, we'd hardly think of him as a good leader, a role model, if he did nothing about the murders. Saying this isn't denying the importance of fighting all crime, including theft. But there's just no way to create a moral equivalence between theft, even when it includes acts of violence and mayhem, and murder.

Abortion is murder. Or have the quislings forgotten that fact?

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