Monday, March 26, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

No, not really (sigh). But it does seem rather ironic that the first day of my husband's first vacation in a very, very long time would be marked by a day-long, torrential downpour, especially in a state where rain is rare enough that my children rush excitedly to the windows at the sound of raindrops.

Granted, it doesn't really interfere with our plans. Our main objective this week is to try to catch up on all of the chores we've put off since before Christmas, so while a rainy day might postpone a trip to drop off donations of used household goods, it's not in any way stopping us from cleaning out various places and uncovering those items.

The rain didn't stop us from rearranging the living room to accommodate the new fish tank, either. The tank was purchased with money my husband's parents sent the girls for Christmas, and while we've been planning to get the equipment purchased and set up since January, this week has been the first time we've been able to buy the stand and tank starter kit, and make room for them. We didn't quite realize the amount of work that goes into the setup of an aquarium--I had forgotten that you have to wash and drain the gravel before it can be placed in the tank, for instance--and while my husband has been working marathon hours to meet his recent project deadline we just couldn't do much to start the process. But now, the tank and stand are positioned in the best possible place (near an outlet, away from direct sunlight and an air conditioning vent) and are ready for us to take the next step. If all goes well and we can get a stable environment going, there should be fish in the tank by this weekend!

The heavy rain did interfere with one of my husband's goals for the day, though. It isn't often that our favorite local used bookstore chain offers a coupon for an additional fifty percent off the price of any item. I guess that CD set he was hoping to scoop up will have to wait until Saturday's 40% off coupon instead, if someone didn't beat him to it.

All in all, the rain isn't an unwelcome visitor. I'm glad to see, though, that at least a few days this week will be clear and dry--I'm hoping to talk to a painter about the outside of our house, and a deck construction company about putting a cover over our back porch, this week, and neither of those would be particularly fun to do in the rain. But the rain made it possible for my husband to call both the painter and the deck people for whom we had recommendations today; the painter is coming tomorrow, and we hope to get an estimate from the deck company too.

Did I mention that we've been putting off a lot of necessary household chores since before Christmas? :)

It may be that, some time in August, I'll be lamenting the heat and the dry, dry air. I'll walk past the aquarium casting cool reflective shadows on the living room wall; I'll look out the back window, made significantly cooler by the porch cover; I'll feel less frustration overall due to the decrease in the amount of clutter. And I'll remember the day in March, and the rain.

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