Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Update

The gravel is being put into the aquarium as I write this. Only a few more steps to go until the fish arrive; the girls can't wait!

The painter turned out to be way, way too expensive. Either his prices have skyrocketed in two years or the person who gave me the recommendation didn't remember what he actually charged in the first place. We'll have to keep looking for someone to do the job.

The deck people can't come out until April. We're exploring other options, as we think they usually do larger jobs and might not want to take on the small construction project we have.

I just noticed, today, that Mr. Crunchy Con himself left a comment below my post about his book! How amazingly crunchy the Internet is, creating a virtual community where a homeschooling mom can interact with an author and journalist she really respects. I plan to finish reading Crunchy Cons soon, and hope to have some observations to offer (though I suspect I'll have more time when vacation's over, ironically enough).

We have a few more closets to clean and a few more errands to run this week, but choir practice comes next. The girls were practicing a Bach piece on their own, this afternoon; as the resident classical music junkie I get a kick out of hearing three preteens warbling Christus der uns selig macht as they tidied their rooms!

I've plans for a couple of serious posts for later (if I don't lose the paper again). Till then!

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