Thursday, March 1, 2007

Titanic-Sized Ego Runs Aground on the Rock of Salvation

Just in case you were wondering, the Tomb of Jesus is still located where it always has been (at least, in the opinion of most reputable historians). And that would be here.

Of course, you won't find any ossuaries or bones or fragmented DNA in this Tomb. Just an astonishingly beautiful church, where Greek Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, and Roman Catholic liturgies are celebrated daily.

I think that writers or filmmakers who might be prone to attacks of egocentricity and might, under those attacks, fancy themselves the people chosen to attack and destroy what they think of as the silly legend called Christianity might try visiting the Holy Land sometime, in reparation for their (charitably, one assumes unwitting) blasphemies.

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annonymouse said...

What on TV can we take seriously anymore? I thought it was the news but even our own local channel is "firing UP" for the GRAND production *cough, gag*.
This is just like a tabloid story made into a 60 min story. 1% fact 99% bunk. Can't wait to read Teresa Tomeo's new book, Noise. Cause that is just what this is.

And as I say this, I bet, at our parish, there will be at least 2 people who take this seriously. :(