Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Importance of Dreams

I don't usually post on Saturday, but I had an interesting experience earlier today that I'd like to share.

My family and I were out running some usual Saturday errands, when we stopped in at a local bookstore. A lady named Barbara Kreger Washburn was singing copies of this, her first book. I couldn't help buying a copy; she described it as a "Christian murder mystery," and while I love to read murder mysteries I rarely read any modern ones--too full of bad language, gratuitous sex, and other problematic elements on the part of the "good guys" for me to be able to enjoy them. I think it will be interesting to read a modern Christian murder mystery, which should neatly avoid the issues of having to follow the exploits of a detective who seems little better than the killer from a moral standpoint. I'll try to post a review when I've read the book.

That said, what was interesting to me was getting to admit to a published author that my dream is to be published. As I may have mentioned before, I currently have two unpublished manuscripts for young adult science fiction books, and plans for at least two more (which I hope to get started on once summer vacation begins). There was a time when all I had were ideas, and it was very easy to keep putting off the actual work of writing them down; but having crossed that particular Rubicon I can only wonder why I waited so long. Of course, now my kids shudder when I say I'm working on a book, because they know how dreamy, unfocused, and forgetful I get when I'm writing; but there was a time when they were my excuse for not writing, until I realized that if I let them be my excuse, and waited until they were grown up, moved out, and living a vocation before I got started I'd probably never get started at all.

Of course, now that I know that I really do enjoy writing, the next dream to be fulfilled is finding someone who will publish something I've written (aside from the newspaper which published the essay which constitutes my sole published work). And, from reading the accounts that published writers relate about their experiences, I know that even getting published is just the beginning.

Dreams have a way of growing and spreading, but at each step of the journey toward fulfillment we find something precious and new, some experience we would never have imagined, some joy we wouldn't have expected, some insight we're surprised to discover.

As summer approaches, I hope you'll take the time to pull a dream or two out of the closet or attic, or off the back burner, and see about getting it measured or fitted or spruced up to become a reality.

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