Thursday, August 2, 2007

Love Is...

This uncharacteristically brief blog post is brought to you by the migraine headache I had until sundown today (I call them "vampire headaches" for that reason; luckily, they're pretty rare).

Love is having the kind of children who understand when mom has to go back to bed with a headache like this one--and who bring her two kitchen towels full of ice, one for her forehead, one for her neck.

Love is when those same children refill the ice in those towels a little later, pretty well using up all the ice in our non-icemaker home.

Love is when those children are really apologetic a little after that because they have the unpleasant duty of informing you that the fire ants who are no longer content with owning our yard and are trying to annex the house have shown up again, this time in the younger girls' bedroom closet.

Love is when you call your DH to explain the situation and he doesn't even wait for you to ask if he can come home before he says that though he can't leave right that second, he'll call you as soon as he can.

Love is when he calls you five minutes later to let you know he's leaving work.

Love is when he calls a bit after that to ask DD #1 if they need him to bring anything home for lunch.

Love is when he arrives, comes in to ask how you're feeling, and asks if you need anything. "How about some more ice?" he asks, seeing your deflated damp towels.

And when you say a little regretfully that more ice would be wonderful but you don't think there's any more in the house just yet... is having him smile his incredibly charming smile and say nonchalantly, "Oh, I picked up a bag of ice on the way home."


Ragamuffin said...

That's really sweet.

Now for the typical guy response:

Do we need to take up a collection to buy you guys an icemaker? :^)

Red Cardigan said...
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Red Cardigan said...

Ragamuffin, :)

Funny story, actually. Our first house had a 30+ year old fridge, harvest gold, in perfect running order. The only thing that ever needed to be fixed was the line to the icemaker!

So the second or third time the repair man came out, I asked him about that. He said that as a refrigerator repair man he had noticed the part of the fridge that broke most often, and most often needed replacing, was some component or other of the icemaker.

When we moved and had to buy a new refrigerator, I deliberately bought one without an icemaker so we wouldn't have the kinds of problems we'd had before (like coming home from being out all day to find a large spreading puddle of cold water emanating from under the fridge). So it's really my fault we don't have one!

freddy said...

Hope you're feeling better, Red! I've got a little love to add, too:
I got a bit over-involved in a painting project yesterday, and was still up to my arms in blue paint at suppertime. Love is the 15 year old keeping Baby happy while the 13 year old kept the 3 year old out of the paint and 10 & 7 remembered not to nag about the computer. Love is hubby making & serving dinner, and Oldest bathing 3 year old. And hubby insisting on giving me a backrub 'cause he thought I needed it. God is good! He invented families!

Opal said...

Love is my husband, very tired, fixing the ice/water dispenser because he know our water is soo nasty that this is the only way our children will drink it!
(How did you know we were having ice/water problems :0)

You have a wonderful husband!