Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to Potluck Wednesday!

Today I'd like to "test drive" a new feature of And Sometimes Tea.

Wednesdays haven't been all that difficult for me over the summer, because choir practice hasn't been every week, and also because one thing to do relatively late in the day hasn't really interfered with my ability to write and post something every weekday.

But next week we will be back at school again, and I remember when I began blogging that if Wednesday's posts weren't written before Wednesday actually began, or thrown together on Wednesday nights, they sometimes weren't written at all.

Which is fine, in a manner of speaking. I don't have to post daily, or even every weekday.

However, one of the things I'm enjoying about blogging is the discipline of sitting down for about a half an hour each day and just writing something. This discipline is starting to carry over into other projects, writing and non-writing, and I'd hate to give it up now.

Still, coming up with a unique post every Wednesday during the school year may not be possible, either, and I'm trying to be realistic about that.

So starting today, Wednesday will be my day to share things I've read on other blogs, with perhaps a brief comment.

First up is MommaLlama at My Three Sons, with last weekend's discussion of Questions Infertiles Hear. MommaLlama has raised my awareness of how often people can suffer from foot-in-mouth disease when talking to adoptive parents!

Then there's Nutmeg, who's suffering from what she's calling Writer's Block. I'd call it "Sellers backing out of their contract and then more sellers coming along and possibly wanting you to move out eight days from now Block" myself, but that's because I'm too verbose. Who among us can't relate to real estate woes?

Daniel Bean opened up comments on this thread about Kids at Mass. My sympathies are all for those moms and dads heroically trying to attend Mass as a family all the way through the toddler's Holy Terror stage--the family that prays together, etc. But I was wondering whether some innovative pastor might create a new "ministry" for altar girls--instead of standing at the altar, they could stand in the back and offer to hold antsy toddlers and colicky infants as an aid to young and growing Catholic families. (I know, I'm dreaming, but it might work!)

Finally, Margaret in Minnesota has a beautiful post relating to today's feast of the Queenship of Mary. What an amazing, lovely story of our Heavenly Mother's smiles for her poor children on earth!

Happy reading!


Opal said...

Heck Red, I just read that some of the TLMs were only 15 minutes long, I think they should offer these to those MOTHERS and FATHERS with squirming toddlers!
I like the young girls idea too.

Susan said...

Love the idea for the "girl altar boys"! I also really like what you said today about the discipline of sitting down and writing something every day. That's worth considering as I discern the role of blogging in my life. I'll look forward to potluck Wednesdays--easy way to get in some occasional blog-surfing.


Emily said...

That is hilarious about "altar girls" going to the back and taking care of toddlers and infants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women can't become priests but they sure can become mothers! What a great idea!!!!!
We just moved and our new church does not have girls up on the altar. It is sooooooo refreshing! I'll have to tell our priest your idea as I know he sometimes has to explain to upset parents why their little girl can't serve beside Father. I'm sure suggesting your idea will calm them down!!!! LOL!!!