Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Five

Welcome to Potluck Wednesday!

Since we've been discussing liturgical matters of late, let's take a look at some liturgical matters today.

First, from Father Zuhlsdorf come these lovely stories and pictures about the Extraordinary Use Mass. I'm still looking for my diocese to post an official statement about the Motu Proprio. Does anyone out there live in a diocese that has begun to have Extraordinary Use Masses yet?

Next, from blogger 4andcounting (soon to have a happy name change!) comes this familiar dilemma: when your parish doesn't seem to be on the same page with you, do you stay and work for positive change, or go find another parish? I've made the decision each way at one time or another; sometimes it's possible to work for change, but other times for your own peace of soul you have to find a new parish.

Remember those pro-lifers in Aurora, Illinois, still courageously fighting to keep Planned Parenthood's abortion mill out of their community? This article from last week highlights the fact that there are good bishops. Bravo, Bishop Sartain! Your witness is so important, especially since the article also mentions "religious" pro-abortion leaders (wouldn't want to be in their shoes on judgment day!).

Finally, from MommaLlama comes this tale of woe--I can so relate! When my girls were little, it seemed that their behavior at Mass often depended on where we went to church: at the Cathedral here in town they'd be little angels (well, all but the youngest, who was only two at the time) but at the church we now attend, with its "round" architecture (sigh) and cushioned benches, they'd be--well, less than angels. The funny thing is that owing to the pastor at the "round" parish the "round" parish was theologically the more orthodox of the two; but my girls were reacting on an instinctive level to the fact that the very old Cathedral with its stained glass windows and lovely statues felt like a place in which they had to behave!

If you feel so inclined, tell me about your church--the good, the bad, and, even, the ugly!


Christie@tisbutaseason said...

We recently moved and our new parish is a small 1920's white clapboard church (wooden floors, wooden pews and very little "Catholic Elegance"). It is a big change for us coming from the city where we had a beautiful building, statues, a gorgeous chapel, stained glass, etc. It doesn't "feel" the same at our new parish but that's okay.

The part that's NOT okay is the music. It's. whipping. my. soul. The "choir" consists of 5 or 6 older ladies and an organist who is 80+. Most cannot sing and the organist - bless his heart - plays everything at the same speed...S - L - O - W. In the choirs defense, it is easier to sing the right note if the right note is being played. (ouch!)

I've not met anyone in the church who enjoys the music or feels it is an integral part of their worship experience. I think that no one (myself included) wants to be the first person to go up to the choir loft and be associated with the music. It's sad, I know. I've even felt some good ole Catholic guilt about it since I have a musical background in voice and piano. I justify staying because the kids are still young(ish) and I feel like I want to be with them during Mass (and I need to be!)

Okay, I'll back off. Boy you opened up a can of worms today, Red! :-)

Pax Christi...really!

4andcounting said...

Thanks for linking to my post. It will be interesting to see if I get any additional comments.