Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Six

Is it Wednesday already? Is it me, or are the weeks going faster and faster as we careen wildly through September and enter October, with Christmas getting closer and closer all the time?

Speaking of Christmas, every mother out there would like a copy of this. Framed, please. Hung prominently on a wall opposite the front door, so everyone who enters can see it. (Hat tip: Mark Shea.)

Alas, I'll have to tell my DH not to buy me a bottle of Starbucks' gingerbread coffee flavoring for Christmas this year: there's a new, informal boycott on, thanks to Starbucks' idiotic and insensitive promotion of Joni Mitchell's new album, Shine; the cover song contains the sort of nasty Catholic slur the Hollywood elite still finds clever. Creative Minority Report does a good job presenting this story, complete with a handy link to Starbucks' customer contact form; even if you're not a regular customer of the supersized corporate caffeine dispenser, please consider letting them know that when you do buy coffee, you'd rather buy it from someone who will hold the dollop of sneering contempt for Catholics.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things in this world better than Starbucks' coffee. Karen Edmisten writes about a whole society for the prevention of the deprivation of one of them. Sadly, I can only be an honorary member of this Society, as chocolate is one of my sure-fire migraine triggers; but her link to the recipe for Marbled Peanut Butter Brownies made for some wonderful, if slightly drooly, reading anyway.

Speaking of migraine triggers (just kidding! But I do always make sure my sound is off before I check in at Nutmeg's blog!) Nutmeg is starting an online book club! Sounds interesting, and fun!



nutmeg said...

Hey! I put in a slow jazzy tune for all those with discriminating tastes....


Thanks for spreading the word about the book club. I hope it generates some interesting discussions!

Red Cardigan said...

It's not the "discriminating tastes" problem, it's the "volume being set way too high by children who like to play computer games" problem.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's Minnesota Mom in that picture with Danielle Bean's crying baby! I love it!

Red Cardigan said...

I *thought* that was Minnesota Mom!! What a great picture! :)