Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Three

This edition of the Potluck Wednesday post could be subtitled, "Professional Blogger Edition." Now, not all the bloggers I'm linking to today are "professional" in the sense of being paid for blogging, but they're all several steps above the average mommy blog in terms of readership and influence.

The upside of doing this is that I get to share some of the interesting things from some of the big name bloggers whose work I try to read on a weekly basis; the downside is that you may already have seen some of these items if you read the same blogs I do.

Up first: Mark Shea is back from vacation, and has some incredible pictures to share of one of the most beautiful places in America! As always, Mark has lots of other interesting things posted, but even if all you have time for is the vacation post, it's well worth looking at for the sake of those amazing, clear pictures--especially if you live in Texas.

And since we're on the subject of lovely pictures, take a moment to look at these from the wonderful Father Zuhlsdorf, pictures of the Sabine Farm where Father spends his time when he is not in Rome. Sabina Villa bona et pulchra est!

From the people at Creative Minority Report comes this amazing story of a little boy's faith, and how the dearest wish of his heart came true even when it didn't seem possible. It made me reflect on how often I say, "I can't," or "That's never going to happen," without opening my heart to the possibility that God, who can do all things, might want me to ask for the impossible.

And finally, something I'm sure many of you have seen by now, but it's too good not to share: Curt Jester has done us all a tremendous service by describing the job and gestures of the Liturgical Referee; Mr. Miller has even made a printable PDF version of this post so it may be shared with others who might appreciate it. This post needs a Keyboard Warning: do not consume beverages while reading this post. (Which, frankly, is good advice any time you are enjoying the Curt Jester's keen wit.)

Happy reading!

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