Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Forecast: Lighter Blogging, With Patchy Fog and Occasional Giddiness

Just thought it was fair to let you know that my hideous verbosity will probably ease up over the course of the next few days.

Tomorrow, of course, is Halloween, and preparations are in full swing for our extended family All Saints' Day party, which for us has replaced trick-or-treating as our favorite way to celebrate this particular holiday. Now, don't get me wrong: those of you who live in beautiful old quiet neighborhoods in states to the north of Texas, where your children will be bundled in warm fuzzy costumes as they proceed with pink cheeks and glowing eyes to ring the doorbells of neighbors and friends, chanting the traditional Halloween phrase and getting candy in return, are to be envied in many respects. I live in a suburban neighborhood with lots of houses close together, where kids from other neighborhoods are often dropped off by car because it's so easy to get loads of candy in my neighborhood; scary and inappropriate costumes (and even decorations!) abound; and tomorrow's high will be 80 degrees, which kind of takes the fun out of trudging from door to door while wearing extra layers of clothing. The All Saints' party lasts longer, involves silly games and prizes as well as copious amounts of candy, permits air-conditioning, and allows us to set the stage for the next day's holy day--so, by comparison to our alternative, it wins hands down.

All Saints' Day will be busy, too, as we will be singing at the evening Mass. Our schedule will be a little like our normal Wednesday schedule, so my blogging time will be somewhat limited.

And November 1st has one other event scheduled, in which I plan to participate. I took part in last year's NaNoWriMo and really, really enjoyed it! If any of you have ever dabbled in fiction writing or dreamed of penning a novel but have never actually done anything about it, now is the time! Don't worry if you think it's too late to join: last year I wasn't planning to join, thought out-of-town company was coming, and put the whole thing off. Then the out-of-town visit fell through, I visited the website and got caught up in the excitement, and joined and started writing...on November 9. I still finished the book before the 30th. So even if you haven't decided, or can't possibly get anything done until this weekend, or later, don't let that stop you--if you have any desire to get that novel written (or at least well underway) now is the time!

So with one thing and another, the month of November may be a little quiet around here. But knowing me, I'll probably get so exhilarated by the fiction-writing that occasionally I may get giddy about it all. I apologize in advance for inflicting that on you, if I do!


nutmeg said...

Red, I truly am glad that you have such a wonderful party to attend tonight.

I just wish you wouldn't paint such a dismal picture about the alternative.

We actually enjoy our neighborhood, and the neighbors enjoy seeing the kids. We get to "catch up" with the neighbors further down the street that we don't see as often.

And the weather? Yes it will be a high of 80 today, but that's at 3pm. By the time we go out, it will be a pleasant 70. I can't think of a nicer evening to trick-or-treat... but your picture of rosy-cheeked kids sounds cute too!

The people who are driven to our neighborhood? A lot of these folks work up here, doing house-cleaning and yard work. And even though we don't employ them, I have no problem handing out candy to their little ones they work so hard to support.

And the nasty costumes? We close up shop around 9pm, right when the teenagers are coming 'round. Since our kids are little, they go to bed early and we can't have the doorbell ringing all night.

Not everyone has the fortune of such a fantastic party to attend. (Although we will go to an all-saints party on Sunday) But really, it is possible, even here in Texas in a small neighborhood, to have lots of fun as well.

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, Nutmeg, I wasn't trying to paint a dismal picture for *everyone* who lives in Texas! :)

Our problem is that when we moved here the house we could afford was in a HUGE neighborhood, one of those brand new subdivisions. You know, the ones with the houses on top of each other. When my kids used to trick-or-treat, we had the man who answers the door wearing a live snake, the guy who hands out anti-Catholic Chick tracts instead of candy, several rental properties where adult parties would often be in full swing, and several (last time I checked) registered sex offenders.

My kids had fun anyway (once we started skipping some of those houses) but some of these things were a concern for us. And my oldest DD (grade seven) already feels too "old" to trick-or-treat (especially since she's tall for her age), so if we weren't having a party she really wouldn't be participating at all this year.

As far as the kids getting driven in, they're not people who live OR work in this neighborhood (which of course I don't mind either!) but most of them are people from the neighborhoods around us where the houses are spread farther apart. Rather than have to walk farther to get their candy, they come over here so they can hit more houses in the same time period than they would in their own neighborhoods, and get more candy in the process. It's weird--when we first moved here we spent some time with my parents who lived in an older neighborhood; they had learned that kids would be dropped off in their neighborhood on purpose just because the homes were old and picturesque. Coming from a part of the country where you only trick-or-treated in your own neighborhood, on the handful of streets nearest to you, this seems really odd to me!

But of course all of our kids, yours and mine, will have a great time tonight whether they're trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, taking part in a church Halloween or All Saints' Party, going to something like Boo at the Zoo, or having a party at home--and that's what's important, right? :)

Happy Halloween!

Opal said...

We will be doing both and this is the last year I want to do this!
I do soo like the All Saint Party, we will be going tomorrow and NO school of course, but the Halloween trick or treating is getting a little gross for our taste. We will, hopefully, live in a new neighborhood next year and will play it by ear or sight!
Happy Halloween!

Willa said...

Off the Halloween subject completely... I'm going to try to do the NaNoWriMo too (tried it last year and enjoyed it). I have not been blogreading much recently, but I sure have been enjoying your blog posts, RC -- so many keepers in the group.