Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Eight

Welcome to another Potluck Wednesday!

We begin with news from the war front. Our embedded reporter, taking cover in a gym shoe bunker just out of sight from this picture, assures us that despite heavy losses the tan brigade has prevailed for the moment; but though the enemy has retreated to the rear of the closet it is feared that they will soon launch an attack using their secret weapon, known only as: the Superball.

From a different War on Closets comes this wonderful post by Alexandra, who answers all my questions about a wardrobe System--and then some! Alexandra's post is full of wonderful advice, but I especially appreciate the reminder to consider color when choosing clothes--too often I buy something I think is pretty that fits well, only to discover that it goes with absolutely nothing I actually own.

Need an easy dinner suggestion? At last count, this post at Danielle Bean's site had over 130 quick and easy dinner ideas! My favorite: "Toss a pound of bacon on the floor and stand back. The fastest meal ever." And no dishes! :)

Margaret in Minnesota is back from her blogging break, with news about an addition to the family--of the four-legged variety! Go here to read about how St. Therese and yellow roses helped make the decision to add a furry friend to the household.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, please consider voting for Thomas Peters, also know as American Papist, to win the 2007 Blogging Scholarship. He's the only Catholic blogger on the list, and I know he'd appreciate your support!

Happy Wednesday!


Kerri said...


j.jill has a big selection of PETITE classic clothing in nice colors. Regular prices are high, but they always have things on sale. My problem is that I am right at 5'4", so the petites are usually just a bit too short, but the misses are way too long. ugh! For a splurge, Sundance catalog has lots of petites, but alas, are WAY overpriced. Just my 2 cents.

By the way, I caught my husband reading your blog the other day... he NEVER goes on the web, says it is a waste of time (his point is?).
He must've been intrigued by some of the things I've brought up from your posts. Love it!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

In the words of Eeyore, thaaaannnks for noticing me. :)

It feels good to be back.

Red Cardigan said...

It's good to have you back, Margaret!

I admit to enjoying your latest post, too, though I'm sure it wasn't much fun at the time. Hope the hives go away, the paint washes off, the puppy settles in, and a second bottle of "good stash" wine makes a covert appearance after the pudding is put away and the kids are in bed! :)