Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Eleven (Halloween Edition)

The theme of today's Potluck Wednesday post is: Things that Really Scare Me.

First, we have the Jesuits at Georgetown and their recent decision to fund a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and “questioning” (LGBTQ) students. Although the university's leadership claims that nothing at the center will contradict Church teaching, it seems to me that just calling people "LGBTQ" (which sounds like shorthand used at a Mexican restaurant, e.g. "Jose! Another order of Large Gordita Burrito Taco Quesadilla Platters, pronto!") is already contrary to Church teaching, since the Church doesn't see people as any of those initials, merely as suffering from same-sex attraction disorder, which is neither intrinsic to their personhood nor worthy of celebration.

Next, there is the push toward neutralizing chapels, or removing Christian symbols and identity from them, on the grounds that it's somehow offensive or intolerant of others to display Christian symbolism in spaces that are mainly used for Christian prayer. I think it's time to start a movement of people claiming to be offended by secular symbols, and insisting that all such symbols be removed to accommodate those of us who feel this way. Think they'd go for it?

No list of terrifying things would be complete without Planned Parenthood, who is facing their own fears that tiny understaffed volunteer groups will cut into their huge profit margins or chisel away at their vast amount of government funds--though to hear them tell it, you'd think it was the other way around. Congratulations to this group for making them so nervous!

This woman. Apparently her opponents are starting to find her frightening, too.

Happy Halloween to all!


Anonymous said...

Um this is sort of unrelated but since I know that you think Harry Potter is okay for children to read and not dangerous to their overall spiritual welfare, I wondered what you'd think of this article where those who practice witchcraft are themselves saying many people come to witchcraft through these "innocent" sources such as Buffy the Vampire slayer or Harry Potter:

May Christ be glorified in all His holy ones.

Anonymous said...

Hmm the link appears to have got cut off. Here it is chopped into two pieces that you'd need to concatenate by hand, er mouse :)

Daddio said...

"Large Gordita Burrito Taco Quesadilla"