Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Potluck Wednesday, Volume Seven

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Potluck. Since October, in addition to being the month dedicated to the Rosary, is also a month dedicated to pro-life activities, most of what I'm sharing today will have to do with that subject.

But first, this charming article from Reuters (no, really!) about a soon-to-be available biography of Pope Benedict XVI, written for children. It is written from the perspective of a cat named Chico who calls the Pope, "my best friend." I'm sure this book will be quite popular, especially in the Cardigan house, where cat allergies collide with wistful dreams of cat ownership on a near-daily basis.

Unfortunately, my next item isn't so nice. Remember the heroic pro-lifers in Aurora, Illinois who have been fighting so hard to keep that giant new Planned Parenthood abortion mill from opening? As some of you already know, that battle was lost yesterday, and America's biggest death factory was allowed to open only two weeks later than planned, despite the irregularities surrounding the building permits and the deceptive tactics Planned Parenthood used to keep the entire community from realizing that the building would be used as a baby-killing center until quite late in the construction process. As Eric Scheidler put it, "They know they're not welcome. Nobody wants an abortion clinic in their backyard." The pro-life community in Aurora plans to continue the battle to abort the hideous facility.

Want to join an effort to help stop abortion, even though you can't personally take part in a forty day protest vigil? Visit 40 Days for Life for some terrific suggestions about how you can join their efforts and support them by prayer and fasting (I especially liked some of the very practical fasting suggestions). And here's a report from the front lines of one of the vigils--very inspiring!

I blogged earlier about the Connecticut Bishops and Plan B; the wonderful people at Creative Minority Report have Bishop Lori's blog post on the subject, along with some hard-hitting, excellent commentary of their own.

As October progresses, let's keep the unborn, their mothers, and all the valiant pro-life warriors in our prayers.

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