Monday, November 19, 2007

Free Time!

Early last week I decided that the girls and I were going to take.the.whole.week off for Thanksgiving. Ordinarily, we only take off Wednesday through Friday, to give us the option of taking more time off for Christmas and to keep us from losing our focus before the end of the year.

But for some reason, this year we really needed the extra break. We've been keeping our noses fairly well to the grindstone since the end of August, and after the sadness of losing our choir director and the extra efforts everyone in the choir has been making to keep things going, I thought it would be nice to have a whole solid week of vacation, a chance to catch our breaths, enjoy a few projects, catch up on my NaNoWriMo novel whose word count has slipped behind again (sigh) and recharge our homeschooling batteries a little.

It helps that the nearby school district is doing the same thing this year. Since all the local children are off from school too, I can send my girls outside for a picnic lunch without worrying about neighbors' comments (or secret calls to truant officers). Of course, since the weather has returned to being inappropriately hot and sunny for November the picnic came to a premature wasp-bothered end (my girls didn't buy the line that at a picnic the bugs aren't a bug, they're a feature) and they ended up waiting until a slightly shadier time of day to return to the yard, armed with water guns. In November. In eighty-degree weather. (My inner Midwesterner is curled up in a ball and sobbing quietly into a flannel handkerchief.)

But the weather forecasters are promising us a cool-to-downright-chilly Thanksgiving Day itself, which will be lovely (there's nothing quite like being too hot to eat roasted turkey on Thanksgiving). My wonderful brother and sister-in-law have invited us to join them for Thanksgiving; there will be abundant food, abundant laughter, abundant cousins, and an abundance of good spirits (no matter how the football games go).

I'm thinking that our new Thanksgiving tradition will be to take the whole week off from school. We live in a state that lets us choose our own school schedule, and I think that it makes sense to enjoy this week with friends and family to the fullest extent possible. That doesn't mean I won't be writing here--I will!--but it does mean that I'm really planning to enjoy this whole week of freedom and opportunity.

If you're going to be traveling, or you won't be checking in until after the holiday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


freddy said...

Enjoy your holiday! Here in the Mid-west our weather isn't quite picnic warm, but nice enough that a walk to the library this afternoon looks good. The school schedules around here are weird, though. We have a parochial school, a private Christian school, a hoity-toity "Latin" school, a traditional calendar public school and a year-round schedule public school. Of course they're all on different schedules! Closing down for Thanksgiving week, with all the travel and bustle, seems like a sensible and laudable option. I like it!

Divine Mercy said...

just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy thanksgiving!