Friday, November 23, 2007

The Loveliness of Pancakes

I'm in the middle of making some pancakes, so you'll forgive me if I...ooops, hold on a sec.

There. Flipped! (The pancakes, not me.)

I could tell you that they're blueberry pancakes from a special highly-coveted family recipe, but that would be a lie (all but the blueberry part) and then I'd have to go to confession.

They're a mix. Or, er, they were a mix. Now they're cooking up nicely into little fluffy...hang on.


Pancakes for dinner are not exactly common around here, not because it's not a perfectly wonderful idea, but because I'm seldom organized enough to get started cooking them early enough on a Friday night, and because I'd rather make the homemade ones, which take a little longer to do.

But a while ago my girls begged for the blueberry mix in the store; I thought, why not? So I...excuse me.

So I bought the mix, and we used half of it, and I forgot about the other half.

Which is perfect, tonight, because having enjoyed some Thanksgiving leftovers at lunch (my mom remembers being dispensed from the meatless Friday obligation for the day after Thanksgiving; I suggested different penances my girls could do, instead) we needed a little dinner, but not a lot of dinner, because we ate the lunch late and are still a little full from all of yesterday's feasting...

Sorry about that. Almost done; the last two pancakes are in the pan.

I went into the kitchen, trying to decide what to make. Bean tacos? Too filling, and too spicy after all the delicious food we've been eating. English muffin pizzas? Nah; I'm out of mozzarella. Spaghetti? No. Spaghetti may be many things, but it's not a light supper.

And then I found it. That little box, half full of blueberry pancake mix, that I...


...forgot all about.

And as the last two pancakes finish up in the pan, I can't help but think about how often God's blessings are just like that. Something needed, unknown, forgotten--but there, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike our notice and ask, hey, what about me?

What about pancakes for dinner?



Divine Mercy said...

mmm!! delicious!!! blueberry pancakes!! yummy!!!!!

Adolfo Rodriguez said...

I don't know about you, but at our house we tend to forget about grocery shopping until we are darn near out of food entirely. It was on one such evening that my wife made cheese omlettes, bacon, and toast (with orange marmalade) for dinner. You would have sworn Santa Clause himself would have walked in the door and hand delivered presents such was the reaction of my two little girls to dinner that night. Songs were hastily composed and sung in praise of breakfast food, numerous "I love you, Mommy"s were tossed about, just a wonderful evening.

Hope everyone loved their pancakes!

Lisa said...

OK, so I just thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and watching you make dinner! Sounds delicious! And the lesson is, too! (I've got some bananas sitting in there that would make a lovely banana pancake dinner tonight... Hmmm...)