Monday, December 17, 2007

Are "Protestants" Really Christians?

Chances are good that my post title got your attention. You might even be a little angry.

Imagine how much angrier you'd get if I wrote post after post attacking Protestantism as a "false religion," wondering out loud if my Protestant friends would ever truly know Jesus, worrying that they were all going to Hell, and deriding them for having abandoned the ancient Biblical worship of Christianity for new "worship services" that are more like pop-psychology than real prayer.

Now imagine how you'd feel if you found out that my blog, where these imaginary posts had been interspersed with recipes and homeschooling ideas, had just won an award.

If you were a Protestant Christian homeschooler, I bet you'd be pretty upset about this.

Well, guess what? It happened. Only the blogger bashing somebody else's religion is a Protestant Christian, and the religion she's bashing is Roman Catholicism.

This diligent Catholic blogger has been keeping tabs on the situation. Particularly useful is Elena's list of links to specific anti-Catholic posts that the blogger, Candy, has written, since Candy has a tendency to hide her archives and make it less likely that the unwary Catholic reader will recognize her hate-filled bigotry at first glance. But as any one of Elena's links demonstrates, Candy has an ax to grind against Catholics and the Catholic church, and she isn't above some KKK-style ranting about false religions in addition to some truly ugly discourse about a "counterfeit Mary and Jesus" that is highly offensive to Catholics.

You would think that the people hosting the Homeschool Blog Awards might find some of Candy's posts to be a violation of the spirit of the awards, but you'd be wrong. Elena has documented some of her communication with them here; I can vouch for the letter she received, as it contains many of the same words and phrases as the letter I received when I wrote to complain.

And that's where I have a big problem with this. It's not about "ruffling Catholic feathers" or about Candy expressing her beliefs. I'm in favor of free speech, myself; but if I were running an awards blog, I wouldn't allow people who expressed hatred or bigotry toward any group of people to be eligible to win. It's just that simple.

After all, if Candy were "ruffling Jewish feathers" by saying that she thought Jews weren't saved, do you think the Homeschool Blog Awards people would overlook that? If Candy were "ruffling minority feathers" by expressing a belief that white people were the chosen people and other races should serve them, would the Homeschool Blog Awards people say, in effect, "Well, she's not attacking any one individual person, so it doesn't matter?" If Candy were "ruffling Muslim feathers" by...well, that's silly; Candy wouldn't dare, would she?

Homeschool Blog Awards members, why is anti-Catholic bigotry the only bigotry still generally acceptable to many other Christians? Why is it okay for people like Candy to mock our religion and show open disrespect and even hostility to our faith? Why is it that you dismiss Catholic concerns about this whole situation with condescending talk about how Catholics need to accept people who aren't "like" us and a presumptuous hope that we Catholics can "forgive" Candy for her strident, vile, ugly Catholic-baiting and Catholic-bashing? Would you talk this way to people offended by one of your award-winning bloggers' racism or anti-semitic views, if such a blogger were ever to be nominated for, and win, one of your awards?

Frankly, I can't imagine you permitting an openly racist or anti-semitic blogger to win an award; I certainly can't imagine you telling a minority or Jewish person what you told me, which was this:

I'm sure you already did the best thing you could have done since you did not agree with "Welcome to Keeping the Home"... and that was to vote against her in her category! I hope you'll participate next year so that you can nominate some great Catholic bloggers so they can be in the awards. I know there were many that were nominated this year. :) Thanks for putting your personal grievances about that one blog aside so that you could join in the fun for 2007.

Rest assured, I won't be nominating ANY Catholic bloggers for a Homeschool Blog Award next year; I won't be participating in their contest in any way at any time in the future, either. People who are not even remotely troubled by hateful bigotry against Catholics are not people with whom I choose to associate.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Generally, I try to keep off the topic of whether Protestants are Christians.

If someone won't give Mary her title as "Mother of God," I generally find that their Christology is as skewed as any Mormon's.

Divine Mercy said...

seems to me that the world is okee dokee with attacking catholicism. in canada, if you point out in the Bible where it states what it does about homosexuality being an abomination, you can get served with a stiff fine or even a jaill sentence. and, if you defend our faith and someone doesn't like it, you can get served with a fine or have the human rights commission come after. one of our bishops spoke out about homosexuality, and the homosexuals who didn't like it went and filed a law suit against the poor bishop who was only defending our faith. so no, there is no freedom of speech in canada. we live in what can be likened as a police state. i do not condone bigotry or hatred. but, i will defend the Church and the Churches stance on issues.

Jen said...

This post has me steamed. I am a convert to the Catholic faith after growing up Protestant for 23 years. I have been Catholic for 11years. To be honest, my conversion had a lot more to do with my marriage to a Catholic than anything else at first. But, I have grown to love the practices and most of the ruling decisions.

I don't understand ANYONE who has it in for another religion. All religion is based on "good" practices and tolerance of others. How can anyone truly live the life of their savior if they are intolerant of others. I am at a loss for words. Yes, we have some different beliefs and practices in the Protestant faith, but that doesn't make it any more wrong than another if you are choosing to live a sincere and holy life. Mary was a Very important figure in our church, we just didn't pray to her.

I'm not defending this Candy person, she sounds like an extremist who only wants things to be the way she sees them, not unlike the Al Quida members. I guess in my eyes, she isn't a Protestant, she is an extremist. She does not reflect the ways of a faithful follower of Christ.

The world is constantly pushing religion into the background by athiests who are imposing their religion or lack there of onto us. Thank you for standing up for all of us who love Christ with this post.

aine said...

"People who are not even remotely troubled by hateful bigotry against Catholics are not people with whom I choose to associate."

Well, that's what gets to me, too. Other than the bigotry it's the a ho-hum whatsyerproblem attitude. I'm still waiting for one of the protestant bloggers to take her to task, but won't hold my breath waiting.

freddy said...

Grr, gag, GAH!
That poor woman. Such a weight to bear -- being her own Magesterium and all -- no wonder it's made her a bit loopy. I'm so glad I'm just a little Catholic drone and don't have to know everything! I'll pray for her -- there's always hope!

Anonymous said...

My dear freddy, you are too kind!


Anonymous said...

THE HSBA is a sham anyway. Who gives a rip about an award that means nothing and a very small percentage of people vote in/for?

It is the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and I'm a pretty big (protestant) blogger in the hs'ing community.

The whole HSBA thing was stupid this year----there were MANY controversies. In the end, web-awards are nothing more than a dumb popularity contest like high school "most likely to succeed."

while I would be offended as you are, and rightfully so---I'd let it roll because it is not worth your time or energy to let some stupid, ill-informed, prejudice "frootloop fundies" ruin your day.

Elena said...

Thank you for all of your support on this and I am adding you to our Visits To Candyland blogroll!

Alexandra said...

Agree with Anon. The HSBA is not all that big a deal, just a little fun. If you look at the votes, the numbers are low. It does get traffic to your site so people can find you, and in this way it's not so great that a message of intolerance wrapped in Christianity is getting play-time. Course, if you have a true understanding of what it is to be Christ-like, then you'll back-click.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Elena! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this, Red. It's gotten me fired up enough to visit the site and start commenting on her anti-Catholic posts. Maybe if enough of us would do this, this poor bigoted "Christian" (we will know them by their fruits, right?) will change her mind, her heart, or at the very least her blog.

aine said...

Comments on that blog are heavily moderated. Do not expect to see any of your posts show up. I think that a Catholic blogger who posted had her home page on her post changed to a really nasty anti-Catholic site. Please visit Elena's blog and read the archives, there is a history of the site documented there.

Alexandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexandra said...

People like that rarely change unless they repent, which would mean a change in her moral outlook, a change in her heart. Prayer is the best remedy. Any comments of protest will only make her dig her heels in further. Love your neighbor - pray for her soul.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to suggest that we blatantly attack her positions, but just ask some pertinent questions in a "sincere and heartfelt manner" quoting the Bible to prove the point, and maybe enough of those will have the desired effect. Of course, pray for her as well. Her soul is in need.

BTW, I've recently commented on her blog and my posts have been put up without any alterations.

Alexandra said...

I knew what you meant.

If you get a chance read Visits to Candyland, Elena's blog. She and others have been going back and forth quoting scripture, attempting to do just what you have suggested. Elena's blog is the rallying point for this. This woman is fairly resistant to reason. I mention prayer because she needs divine intervention.;) Many have tried to speak with her attempting to prove a point without piercing her armor of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Hi alexandra,

I suppose you are right. I've dealt with this type of person before. I guess maybe I have fun backing them into the corner they've made for themselves and watching them turn from clear, logical arguments to missing the issue and resorting to childish invective. There are a few people commenting on her latest anti-Catholic post. Even a non-Catholic is standing up for us! I'm hoping that even if Candy isn't touched by what we say, maybe some of her other readers will be.

Pray for me, too!


Anonymous said...

Just as an update...
Candy's latest anti-Catholic blog has had the comments closed on it by the author. Enough faithful Catholics posted comments challenging her with truth that she 'didn't have the time right now' to respond to everyone.
You see - It does work!