Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kitten!

Today my oldest daughter celebrates her birthday! We have a day of fun and frolic planned, but I wanted to check in here and let you know a little about her.

In order to do that, I told my girls that it was time for the DD#1, DD#2, and DD#3 monikers to go. I had them help me come up with some internet nicknames that I could use when I talk about them--in a day or two I'll create a "Cast of Characters" list with all the Cardigan family nicknames over on the side bar of the blog.

So DD#1, whose birthday is today, is "Kitten." This nickname reflects her love for all of God's creatures, and her special love for cats--which persists even though family allergies won't actually let her have a cat at the moment. Kitten is growing up to be a lovely young lady! She is helpful and responsible, and from the time that she was a tiny child she would insist that her two younger sisters share in whatever she was given (I remember having to explain to her that our youngest baby couldn't actually have Easter candy, yet, one year!). Kitten brightens all of my days with her willingness to pitch in and help, and her tremendous competence in all the things she does. She's taller than me already, and doesn't mind being asked to reach up and get something from a tall shelf for me (it still makes her smile). Her favorite birthday present was bought a few days early this year: a pet Betta fish of her own, in a little aquarium in her room. I knew she'd be able to handle the responsibility of taking care of this little pet because she helps Dad every week with the water changes and maintenance of the big aquarium. We'll be heading off to the zoo in a bit--Kitten's favorite place to celebrate!

Our other two daughters appreciate their oldest sister's sweet and serious nature and abundant generosity. Bookgirl, formerly known as DD#2, and Hatchick, formerly known as DD#3, are looking forward to celebrating Kitten's birthday and spent some time early this morning making her some birthday cards to let her know how much they appreciate her!

God bless, Kitten! You were God's first gift to Dad and me; you've made our lives very rich, and we love you dearly!


freddy said...

Happy birthday, Kitten, from Freddy & friends! God bless you!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Kitten!

Divine Mercy said...

happy new year red!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kitten!
Aunt DLS