Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Virtual Night Before...

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Net
Not a pixel was stirring, not e'en a LOL pet.
All the photos were hung at "Three Sons" and at "Bean's"
In hopes that St. Nick saw them on an iScreen
The children were offline, but not yet asleep
And Dad and I thought that we'd take just a peep
Not expecting much traffic or planning to post
Just deleting a spammer or two, at the most
When all of a sudden my mailbox chimed
Like some noise I would mention, if only it rhymed
Away to my inbox I surfed pretty quick
And opened the message with one well-placed click
The light from the ceiling shone bright on my screen
But there wasn't much lustre at all to be seen
Still, what to my wondering eyes should then scroll
But a message marked "Sender: S. Claus, @ N. Pole"
I saw at a glance that the note was quite long--
What could St. Nick be saying? Was anything wrong?
More wordy than typed Christmas letters it seemed
And I found myself thinking that Claus had been meme'd.
Hi, Red, it began, quite informal and breezy;
The tone was so friendly that I could breathe easy.
I hope you're not reading this on Christmas Night!
If you are, then I know my suspicions are right.
I'm afraid, don't you see, that you're online too often.
He went on; but never the blow did he soften.
He mentioned some dates; his facts were not fiction
He knew all the truth of my blogging addiction
He saw that I'd blogged when I should have been sleeping
(I was truly amazed at the logs he'd been keeping.)
He wrote rather sternly; I'd have to improve,
Or my name from the "nice" list he'd have to remove,
He did give me practical, friendly advice,
Which he said would ensure that I'd stay on the "nice."
(So if I don't blog for a day or for two,
You'll understand just what I'm trying to do.)
As I came to the end of his note, I nodded;
Claus's advice surely should be applauded.
Then I noticed that written in letters quite big
Was this bit of wisdom, under his sig--
Celebrate Christmas! Rejoice, Christ is born!
Pray and give thanks through the night, to the morn!
Make merry with presents, with tree and Yule log!
Celebrate Christmas! (Now, get off that blog!)



Easter Almuena said...

Hello Red,
I must be blogging too much too... :-) but all relatives are gone, we prayed, ate, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, sang at the midnight Mass with my own hubby and I went back to church for the 10:30am Mass and sang at that Mass too... now I'm just relaxing... yes, at times though I spend too much time on my computer... but glad I am to have found your blog! :-)
Merry Christmas!

Michele said...

excellent post:)

Lisa said...

Red, this is just tooo GOOD! I LOVE it! But, now I'm feeling guilty... Better get offa here!
Blessings and Happy Christmas!