Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bookgirl!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our middle girl, affectionately known as "Bookgirl" for her love of reading! The Redwall series is her current favorite, but just like Mom all her favorite books involve faraway lands of adventure, brave deeds of heroism, and scenes far from the "real" world.

Though reality is sometimes a dull place for our Bookgirl, she has a love of arts and crafts that provides a different sort of adventure than the pages of her best-loved books. She is learning to crochet (thanks, auntie!) and loves to sew small creative things--she made stocking ornaments for her dad and I this Christmas, by hand, without a pattern!

Reading and crafts may be her favorite pursuits, but she's a good student, too, efficient and competent in the classroom, and showing a "can-do" spirit most days that brightens my life. Like her older sister, Kitten, she's taller than me already, and is eager to spend at least part of this summer "catching up" to Kitten in the kitchen; she's already planning the cooking she wants to learn to do!

Both of her sisters appreciate her easy-going nature, and she's known for her mischievous sense of humor and love of practical jokes. Though she sighed to me just the other day that reality's not as much fun as the mysterious worlds her imagination takes her to, we're all glad that she's part of our lives here in the real world!

Happy birthday, Bookgirl! We love you just the way you are!


CMW said...

I've got some cousins over here who are more than ready to make those mysterious worlds come alive any time she wants.

Happy Birthday, Bookgirl! Hope you have an adventurous day!

freddy said...

God bless you on your special day and always!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bookgirl! Sorry I'm late.

BTW, How do you know the 'real' world isn't the one in books? =)

Hope your day was great!

Aunt DLS