Friday, January 4, 2008

The Lion Roars

After months of being really discouraged about the Republican choices for the Presidency, after wondering whether I'd even be able to bring myself to vote for the nominee come the general election in November, I have to admit: I'm starting to like this guy.

Ideologically speaking, I'm closer to the unicorn than the lion, except that I distrust libertarianism at its philosophical core. But I'm starting to like the lion after all, if for no other reason than that he's beginning to cause the sheep to have fits.

Keeping track of the various bleatings (and doing a bang-up job of it) has been Rod Dreher; here's a link he shares to a post by Glenn Greenwald who keeps track of how out-of-touch the professional pundits have been about Huckabee's chances in this contest.

There's a lot to like about Huckabee: his pro-life stance, his willingness to explore alternative taxation (though I admit to being unconvinced that a national sales tax is the way to go), his ability to connect with the average voter. Those who dislike him tend to attack him as being pro-big-government, to which my tendency is to respond, "As opposed to whom?" Let's face it: the only small-government candidate running is the unicorn Ron Paul, and as much as I like what he says and how he thinks, I've had to accept the fact that barring some huge and unpredictable upset, Dr. Paul will be more influential for simply having raised the issues he has raised than by being elected to the presidency.

I would like to know more about Huckabee's ties to the education establishment, particularly the teachers' unions. But I think that these details will be forthcoming, and in particular I think homeschoolers will get the word out if there are any signs of danger from Huckabee.

The truth is, I'm really just delighted that the one candidate who has so far won a caucus isn't the sort of Republican I was describing in this post, the Giuliani/Romney sort. I'm still dizzy with the notion that there may, after all, be a chance that the Republican nominee won't end up being the kind of person with the personality of warm lint, inspiring all the passion I usually feel while folding laundry: vague frustration, the understanding of the necessity, but the overwhelming desire just to get it over with. I may not yet be ready to wear a political button with a lion rampant and the words "I like Mike" on it, but for the first time since this unbelievably dreary contest began I'm noticing something stirring from what I thought were bottomless depths of cynical apathy: the faint glimmerings of a level of interest, that might or might not be tinged almost with the elusive glitter of enthusiasm.


~cactus mouse~ said...

Spunky Homeschool has written a series of posts about Huckabee & Homeschooling. Some interesting stuff.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks for the info, cactus mouse!

Jen said...

Hmmm, I'm not convinced about Huckabee, he has a fairly limited base for what he believes. He is charismatic though. I just don't know if he's electable in the general election. I'm from Iowa, by the way, so I'm just recovering from the onslaught of caucus phone calls.

Daddio said...

I'm feeling apathetic about the whole thing. I'll just vote against the Democrat.

freddy said...

I think I'm with daddio on this one. The last time I got excited about politics was ... wait ... I'm still trying to figure out who to root for in the War of the Roses.

Sarahndipity said...

I'm starting to like Huckabee too. I like how he's socially conservative and pro-life yet more economically liberal. My one caveat is he doesn't have much foreign policy experience.

I also like a lot about McCain. I've heard the possibility of a McCain/Huckabee ticket floating around on the the blogosphere, which I think would be awesome.

I feel the same way you do, that I'm starting to feel there's a glimmer of hope after the Iowa caucus. I can't stand Giuliani or Romney, especially Giuliani. There's no way I'd ever vote for him.

Lisa said...

"...the kind of person with the personality of warm lint, inspiring all the passion I usually feel while folding laundry: vague frustration, the understanding of the necessity, but the overwhelming desire just to get it over with." You've exactly hit how I've been feeling about it. I hope you're right about this guy.

matthew archbold said...

I wish I was excited about any of these guys. I'm just not there yet. One thing about Huckabee is the pardoning spree he went on in Arkansas weirds me out. And he seemed a little...well...cruel to Romney by asking the press about Jesus and Satan being brothers according to Mormonism. Look, I'll vote for the guy but I'm just not excited about any of them.