Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Mommy Rut Quiz

Earlier today, I was thinking that I might be in a bit of a Mommy Rut. It happens to me a lot in the winter, probably because it's chilly and I'm wearing bulky clothes and daily makeup starts to seem like way too much of a bother even if I'm veering dangerously close to 40 and can't afford to skip it any more, and--

--oh, wait. What's a Mommy Rut? I thought you'd never ask. :)

The Mommy Rut Quiz

Are You In A Mommy Rut?

1. Today I am wearing:

a) A fresh, clean outfit from my closet/drawers.
b) A fresh, clean outfit from the basket of laundry I haven't folded yet.
c) The clothes I wore yesteday. Hey, they were on the chair.
d) Do the sweats I slept in last night count?

2. The last time I wore makeup was:

a) I'm wearing it now; or I'm under 25 with flawless skin and I never wear it.
b) Last Sunday.
c) Christmas. I think.
d) The last time I had out of town company visiting.

3. Speaking of makeup, if my children see me wearing it they say:

a) "You look nice, Mom."
b) "Are we going somewhere today?"
c) "Are you and Dad going out tonight?"
d) "AAAAH! There's a strange lady in the house!"

4. My hair today is:

a) Neatly styled and flattering to my face, like always.
b) Pulled back in a ponytail.
c) Clean and brushed.
d) Don't ask. Seriously.

5. If I have any free time today, I will:

a) Do some spiritual reading, or relax.
b) Visit a few blogs or chat with a friend on the phone.
c) Waste it yelling at the kids to get their toys off the floor so I can vacuum.
d) Blink and miss it. As usual.

6. If the doorbell rings:

a) I'll answer it, confidently.
b) I'll answer it, after I've hidden the laundry basket.
c) I'll answer it, provided it's just the mailman and not someone I actually know.
d) The kids will shout, "Pizza's here!"

7. For dinner tonight I am preparing:

a) A culinary feast with fresh, wholesome ingredients.
b) A casserole, possibly using some leftovers.
c) Whatever's in the freezer that can be cooked in an hour or less.
d) Pizza's here, remember?

8. After dinner I will:

a) Tidy up the kitchen while conversing with my husband.
b) Tidy up the kitchen while supervising the children who are old enough to help.
c) Tidy up the kitchen while snacking on the leftovers.
d) Put pizza box in trash, dish up ice cream, even if it's 30 degrees outside.

9. When the children go to bed, I will:

a) Read, sew, or do something else creative and interesting.
b) Watch TV with my husband.
c) Watch TV with an extra bowl of ice cream.
d) Go to bed, too. Who cares if it's only 8 pm?

10. When I go to bed, I will wear:

a) Those cute pajamas my husband bought me for Christmas.
b) A warm, clean nightgown.
c) An old, soft, comfortable pair of PJs. Ignore the hole. And the stains.
d) I'm already wearing sweats, remember?

Now, give yourself zero points for the "a" choices, 1 for the "b", 2 for the "c" and 3 for the "d". If you score more than 20 points, there's a good chance that you, like me, might be in a Mommy Rut!

Of course, there are times and circumstances that make this quiz inaccurate. Subtract ten points if most of your family is or has recently been ill, if you've had a baby any time in the last six months, if you're still cleaning up from the huge family bash you had over Christmas, or for any other legitimate reason.

Since I don't have a legitimate reason, I know it's time to put a little more effort into things. A pretty sweater, a dash of makeup, some time spent preparing dinner--all those things will help!


freddy said...

Love it!
Just some questions:
Does mascara only count as "makup?"
Does it still count as a pretty sweater if it's older than the soon-to-graduate-from-high-school oldest child?
If the laundry is still in the washer/dryer, is it counted as part of the mess, or neatly out of the way?
If the kids think chow mein noodles are fancy cooking, is it time to get out the cookbook?
If the 10 year old remarks that "Forty-one year old mommies get headaches a lot." Am I in a rut? :)

CMW said...

Hey!!! I resemble those remarks!

Marilena said...

too long of a quiz for me:) but interesting.

Lisa said...

I linked your quiz as a public service, Red. Love it; and actually did better than I expected! But, then, Lent hasn't started yet...