Thursday, February 7, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan

So Mitt Romney has decided to drop out of the race for the presidency. I can't say I'm disappointed. He always was the Republican candidate I was least likely to vote for; so I certainly don't join the voices who think that the end of the Romney campaign means the end of the world as we know it.

But now it's equally clear that John McCain will be the nominee, and I don't quite know what to make of that, either.

I mean, what are we to make of yesterday's endorsement of McCain by Republicans for Choice? Given that Romney didn't officially drop out of the race until today, you have to wonder what this group knows about McCain that the rest of us don't. Of course, his support for ESCR is equally troublesome, as is his commitment to continuing the War in Iraq (and even, possibly, expanding it; note the section of the statement calling for international pressure on Syria and Iran).

The things we don't know about John McCain are about as troubling as the things we do know. Will he take a strong stand against gay marriage? Will he nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court? What does he really think about homeschooling--consider this statement from his campaign website: " John McCain will fight for the ability of all students to have access to all schools of demonstrated excellence, including their own homes." (Emphasis added.) Does "demonstrated excellence" mean that McCain supports federal regulation and oversight of homeschooling?

On the one hand, I'm glad that Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race--not as glad, perhaps, as I was that Rudy Giuliani's candidacy never got any momentum, but still glad. But unfortunately my relief that I won't be placed in a situation of needing to vote for a Massachusetts liberal in conservative (and very expensive) clothing in an effort to stop Hillary (or Obama) at all costs, is likely to be short lived; because now I have to start wondering whether I ought to hold my nose and vote for McCain, a candidate I don't relate to at all and don't trust very much, or face the consequences of a Democrat in the White House for the next four years.

It may be a relief to be out of the frying pan--but only during that fraction of a second of midair suspension.


Sheila said...

I understand that McCain supports school choice, which I take to include homeschooling. But more than once I've heard the canard that John McCain really isn't pro-life. I recommend anyone interested in McCain's prolife record should read Professor Gerald Bradley's piece in National Review (1/18/08; online at I am very comfortable with voting for John McCain.

Marilena said...

wow!!! love what you've done with the blog!!!! nice!!!!

Tracy said...

Have you looked at all at Ron Paul? He is against the war in Iraq, PRO constitution, PRO homeschooling and PRO life. He was the only candidate to attend the March for Life.

There are a few websites I would recommend exploring such as Homeschoolers for Ron Paul and Catholics for Ron Paul, as well as his official website.