Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Potluck Wednesday, Ash Wednesday Edition

One of the problems with moving to a new computer is that I've lost my "Potluck Wednesday" numbers. That's okay, though; I really didn't want to get to "Potluck Wednesday, Volume 73" a few years from now, so from now on I'll just call it Potluck Wednesday and leave it at that.

In a short while we'll be eating dinner and heading out to Mass. There are some lovely Lenten songs planned, along with Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, which I love to sing. If you've already been to Mass today, and are looking for a little evening reflection, here are some places to consider:

Father Zulsdorf has a quintessential WDTPRS post explaining the prayers from today's Mass.

Danielle Bean has a few good suggestions for the first day of Lent.

American Papist has some amazing photos of our Holy Father's Ash Wednesday procession.

Jen tells us why she loves Lent.

The Curt Jester offers his Detachment Test, for the carnivores among us who find even a day of abstinence stressful (not me; I'd rather eat vegetarian most of the time, and the black bean soup that's just about ready smells absolutely wonderful).

For your hard to answer Lent questions, Jimmy Akin has been collecting the answers for some time now.

Finally, for our Lenten reflection, here is Pope Benedict XVI's message for Lent 2008.

God bless all our Lenten efforts to grow to know, love and serve Him more and more!

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