Monday, March 10, 2008


We have a sick person in our house.

No, don't worry--it's nothing serious. Just what seems like a mild sinus infection that will probably clear up on its own.

Probably, that is, if this person will behave herself.

She's the worst patient in the house. She springs out of bed the moment she feels even remotely better, insisting to all and sundry that she's completely cured (and she's pretty darned convincing). She refuses to take time to drink the copious fluids needed to combat something like this; she's fond of soda, which has no nutritive value whatsoever. She insists on accompanying the family on their weekend errands, going along to choir practice, and otherwise getting out of the house.

So, naturally, she hasn't knocked this little bug out. To be fair, she hasn't even tried.

So today I had a little talk with her. I was stern.

"Listen, you. You're not going to choir practice tonight. You're not getting up and running around the house doing things that you don't really need to be doing. You're going to stay in bed as much as possible, take hot showers with lots of steam, take the time to take cough syrup when needed, drink orange juice and herbal tea, and get over this. I know you don't feel all that bad. You keep saying so, and I understand. But just because you don't feel bad doesn't mean you do feel good, so until this hacking cough and nasal dripping is completely over with, you're laying low. Got it?"

And I looked at my reflection in the mirror, nodded, sighed, and made myself some tea.

UPDATE: My supremely wonderful sister-in-law just drove over to my house and dropped off some absolutely delicious homemade soup, guaranteed to send congestion monsters fleeing with all possible speed! Thank you so very much--you're truly a blessing in my life (but you knew that already, didn't you?) :)

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Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! Sending prayers....