Monday, March 17, 2008

Light Blogging Ahead

A blessed Holy Week!

As we move forward into this week of commemoration of the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I'll be remembering all of my kind readers in my prayers.

Because this is the most "music-intensive" week for a choir family like ours, and because most of you will have far better things to do this week than read blogs, I won't be writing much between now and Easter Sunday, though I do have a brief meditation planned for the middle of the week.

It seems impossible and incredible that our Lenten observances are drawing to a close already, but I know that the week ahead will provide many opportunities for loving sacrifices and the chance to join in prayerful remembrance of our Lord's Passion.

Whether your life permits you to be a part of the liturgical celebrations throughout this week, or whether the care of small or sick children, elderly parents, or your own health considerations prevent you from being a part of them, you can still do many things to join with the Church at her prayers this week--a lesson I had to learn when my babies were too young for 7 p.m. services. Each act of loving sacrifice you offer to those in your care can be lifted up with the Cross, an offering as pleasing and acceptable to God as your presence at Holy Thursday Mass or Good Friday services.

God bless all of you!

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