Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barbara, Don't Get Your Boxers In a Twist

As our Holy Father continues to spread the Church's message of hope across our grateful nation, leading us in prayer, meeting with the victims of abuse, and in general being a beacon of light, the agents of darkness who have never comprehended the light in the first place are not losing this opportunity to display their usual cowardly and completely impotent rage.

Chief among these classless and dim denizens of the City of Man today is California's liberal darling, Senator Barbara Boxer. Boxer, who never loses the chance to show America just how sadly deprived of even the smallest modicum of intelligence she really is, delayed the passage of a Senate resolution welcoming the pope, a resolution intended to be a mere diplomatic and courteous gesture, because La Boxer decided that some of the language in the resolution was offensive and political.

Was it a nod to illegal immigration? Was it a sly expression of support for the war in Iraq, or an inappropriate phrase of Catholic triumphalism? What could Babs be so upset about?

This phrase: "Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out for the weak and vulnerable, witnessing to the value of each and every human life."

Her Shrillness screamed. Why, such a phrase as "...the value of each and every human life..." was clearly code for antiabortionism! It had to go, or Bibi wasn't signing on. What, how dare the Senate of the United States tell the Pope that they appreciate that he's a Catholic!

The Senate did what it does best--knuckled under to the loudest and least intelligent voice. The phrase was removed; the sentence ends after "vulnerable."

Which, of course, leads to an interesting observation.

Barbara Boxer refused to approve a resolution which spoke of the value of each and every human life. Which means that Barbara Boxer doesn't value each and every human life. Specifically, given her stated concerns about this language, Barbara Boxer doesn't value unborn human life.

Which she has just admitted is human life.

In other words, Barbara Boxer, by openly refusing to agree to a phrase about the value of each and every human life on the grounds that to do so weakens her support for abortion has laid her cards on the table: abortion kills a human life, and therefore Barbara Boxer, who is pro-abortion, does not value each and every human life.

And the Pope does, and Barbara can't even allow her colleagues in the Senate to acknowledge that fact.

The light shines into the darkness, as Christ promised. But the light of truth is too much for people like Senator Barbara Boxer, who knows that the darkness will never be able to stand for long before it. But her actions today don't disturb in any way the steady beam of truth which the Holy Father by his very presence is presenting to America in a special way. All they do is turn a spotty mirror back onto her own reflection, to show her how deep and foul is the darkness which she embraces, and tries to call light.


Anonymous said...

Cardigan, do you have time to answer why it is that members of that certain faith which forms the background of catholicism seem to support and promote the antithesis of a catholic pro-life attitude? Perhaps, it's not so simple as to merely see which religious organizations promote Planned Parenthood, State sterilization of thos of lower economic classes or imbeciles in the '50's, and 'annihilation' of Palestinians in their native lands?

Red Cardigan said...

Anonymous, I'm not at all sure what it is that you're asking me. Perhaps it's just me. Anyway, can you explain your question?