Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boycott California

In case you haven't heard already, the Supreme Court of California decided today to give up any pretense that what they do has anything to do with interpreting laws and instead decided to make up their own, which is that in California men and women are interchangeable and exactly the same, so gay marriage should be legal.

I suppose in one sense their extreme act of judicial idiocy can be understood: it's pretty hard to tell the men from the women in much of California absent a doctor's examination. But still, this is yet another unraveling of logic and common sense from the American landscape, and yet another nail in the coffin of religious liberty. If things keep going this way, soon expressing the mild opinion that marriage ought to involve people of opposite genders so there's some chance of reproduction will get you jailed.

I'm thinking that those of us who don't agree with gay marriage ought to make our feelings known to the state of California. Anyone who reads this blog who is unfortunate enough to live in California ought to consider escaping while you still can; but for the rest of us, a boycott might be a good way to start.

I don't usually take vacations (budget doesn't allow) but if anyone was planning a California vacation and is as angry about this as I am, maybe you could consider a different vacation destination? Send a little note to these people, if you want, explaining your change in plans.

Enjoy a good glass of wine now and again? If you usually buy a California wine, you might switch to a wine from some other place. And if you do, you might mention to these people the reason for your change.

Do you eat California produce? I'm sure I've bought some in the recent past--but now I'm going to check closely where my produce comes from, and avoid the California stuff whenever I can. I'm thinking these people would be the ones to write to, but if there's a better contact out there, please let me know!

There are probably some other ways to let the state of California know that, as Catholics, we're not altogether pleased that their Supreme Court has decided that we're all unenlightened bigots for believing what the Church teaches about homosexuality, but these are a few places to start.

And, just to be helpful, I'll include a sample letter:

Dear California (Travel, Wine, Produce, Other):

I have decided not to do any business with the State of California in light of the recent California Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Clearly, the State of California has decided that anyone who disagrees with this decision must be a bigot; yet my Catholic faith teaches that same-sex acts are sinful and that same-sex marriage is merely an extension of this grave moral evil.

Apparently, then, the State of California has decided that all Catholics are bigots. Thus, there is no further point in giving any of my money to a state that is promoting religious discrimination against me and those who worship as I do.




matthew archbold said...

boycott the movie industry.

freddy said...

A few random thoughts, in no particular order:

1. This would not be an issue if our nation had not already accepted a) birth control; b) both parents in the workforce, leading to; c) others hired to rear our children, and; d) schools expected to help rear our children, rather than educate them, e) divorce, particularly no-fault divorce (two lies for the price of one!), and f) "serial monogamy" and live-in relationships as healthy and normal.

2. Since the above is now true, the state now has a vested interest in promoting same-sex "marriage" for revenue purposes. Marrieds often pay more in taxes -- my husband and I used to joke about how much we'd save if we got divorced and then lived together. Also, regarding medical benefits, the state saves if there are two incomes to tap before someone is eligible for Medicare or other state-issued benefits. Follow the money!

3. Normal ordinary California voters have already indicated that they are against same-sex "marriage." Why punish innocent fruit-pickers & grape-stompers with a boycott? Though I promise to give the cut-direct to any Cali judges I happen across!

4. Great point, Matthew! But...but...but NARNIA's out this weekend!