Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faith, Hope, Moloch

Does Barack Obama really want to capture the Christian vote? It seems almost as if he's running on faith, trying to be the believer-in-chief, maybe wanting to establish a theocracy...

I'm kidding, of course. But that's what the Democrats would be saying right now if a Republican candidate tried to pull a stunt like the one I'm talking about, below.

First, go here. Look at this poster of Barack Obama. I find it hard to believe, quite frankly.

Now, I've seen this "Faith, Hope, Change!" poster a few places, but I hadn't fully thought about the sheer blasphemy of it before now. Obama, the man who supports all abortion and a form of infanticide, standing behind a pulpit in a church setting so obviously Christian that if this were a Republican candidate, the usual suspects would be shrieking "Theocracy!" as they hurried to their subterranean coffins lest the Cross in the picture do them some harm. Obama, positioning himself as some kind of messianic candidate, who thinks he can remove "Love" from the Bible quote and replace it with the ambiguous "Change" without offending anybody (or, you might say, Somebody.) Obama, who's so far to the left that he almost makes Bill Clinton (though not Hillary, of course) seem like a centrist--Obama has positioned himself as the candidate for Christians?

Obviously, I think this poster is a mistake, and a terribly offensive one.

It's offensive to sincere Christians for lots of obvious reasons. Granted, the church where Obama has been worshiping all these years doesn't much care; TUCC is a member of the so-called "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice," and Jeremiah Wright served on the board of Christ Hospital, where the incomparable Jill Stanek first discovered the practice of leaving babies who survived abortions alone to die, sparking her heroic leadership that eventually led to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (the Illinois version of which, of course, Obama voted against, on the grounds that it burdens women too much if their kids survive an abortion and are then permitted to continue living). So Obama may quite sincerely believe that a true follower of Christ will not rest until any woman who wants to can dismember, burn, poison, or otherwise kill her unborn child for any reason at all--but it's pretty hard for any Christian with at least the intelligence of tap water to make a convincing case that Our Lord would support abortion, ever, under any circumstances, let alone that He demands that infants who thwart the abortionists' cruel executions and slip alive into the world ought to be speedily dispatched from it, so their mothers' feelings won't be hurt. I'm not sure what kind of Christianity would make such a claim, but I doubt very much that it has anything to do with the true kind.

Of course, the non-Christians will find this poster offensive, too; why should Obama be pandering to all those red-state "God, Family, Country" types in the first place? True-blue liberals have got to be uneasy that Obama would so readily seem to identify with religious people--the phrase "religious right" is blurted out unwarily before they remember that they're dealing with the religious left, that tiny segment of the population that wants to go to church on Sunday, commit sins against the sixth commandment on Monday, schedule an abortion or get the prescription refill on the morning-after drugs on Tuesday, attend a gay-rights rally on Wednesday, protest globalism on Thursday, take part in a Wiccan ceremony on Friday, and spend Saturday at the trendy little market stocking up on free-trade coffee and mass-produced condoms. Again, I'm not sure how this group can claim any ties to historic Christianity, but they seem to think of the Christian faith as just another cleansing-energy-spirit-balance sort of thing that fits right in with chakra and enneagrams--and they'll probably appreciate the nod in their direction this poster represents, though the atheists in the Democrat crowd will have to use their best powers of rationalization to justify not getting angry about it.

I think that perhaps Obama ought to realize that his faith, the faith that changes Bible verses and promotes abortion and infanticide yet claims to follow Christ, is possibly not his strongest campaign point. Perhaps an altogether different poster might be a better choice.

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