Friday, May 9, 2008

Grow the Roses

It would seem that most of the voices out there in the media are keeping a death watch on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Though Mrs. Clinton herself claims repeatedly that she has every intention of remaining in the campaign until a candidate has been nominated, there are questions. What if she loses decisively in one of the states she's still expected to win? What if her campaign runs out of money? What if Obama continues to nab superdelegates? And what if Hillary keeps saying stupid and potentially racist things?

Some on the right
are enjoying the spectacle of all of this. But I'm reminded of a song, in particular a little tune from the musical-movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, excerpt below:

For every big mistake you make be grateful!
Here, here!
That mistake you'll never make again!
No sir!
Every shiny dream that fades and dies,
Generates the steam for two more tries!
(Oh) There's magic in the wake of a fiasco!
It gives you that chance to second guess!
Oh yes!
Then up from the ashes, up from the ashes grow the roses of success!
Grow the roses!
Grow the roses!
Grow the roses of success!
Grow the roses!
Those rosy roses!
From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success!

The rest of the song is here.

Now why would Hillary Clinton's campaign remind me of this song? Haven't I been one of the many people hoping that this would be the last we would see of the Clinton family for some time to come?

Of course, and though Obama's extreme pro-abort views and general liberal positions on every issue under the sun are shudder-producing all on their own, it has been one quietly satisfying thought that perhaps Hillary would return more or less quietly to the Senate, and begin the long dull process of fading into oblivion.

And that may still happen. But this gives me a chill: (Excerpt)

"Obama changed his tone a little during the second part of his answer, praising Clinton and offering fodder for those speculating on the "dream ticket." "I will say that she has shown herself to be an extraordinary candidate and an extraordinary public servant,” Obama said. “She is hard working, she is tough, she is very smart and so I think she would be on anyone's list.” "

No one who knows anything about Hillary Clinton could think for a moment that she'd be extremely happy to have to settle for becoming Vice President when her eye all along has been on the presidency. But no one who knows anything about Hillary Clinton is likely to think she's going to overlook the subtle door-opening in that answer of Obama's to a question about whether he'd consider Hillary as a running mate. She is, after all, somewhat accustomed to the role of second fiddle, and may decide pragmatically that it would be better to seize someone else's coattails for a ride back to the White House than to adopt a sour grapes attitude about it all, and disdain the opportunity to reenter her old home on the grounds that once again, she'd be doing so in a subordinate role.

As much as I'd like to believe that the one silver lining in an Obama primary victory would be the exit, stage left, of Hillary Clinton from the theater of presidential ambition, I'm afraid that Hillary won't go without a fight--or perhaps a compromise. From the ashes of her political campaign may grow her successful bid for the vice presidency, and though it may seem like a bit of a consolation prize, it will still be a way for her to keep her ultimate ambitions alive--because I have a feeling that for Hillary Clinton, the only roses of success that matter are these.

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