Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hiding From The Light

They're at it again.

Remember when I wrote about the courageous pro-lifers in Aurora, Illinois who worked so hard to try to keep a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic from opening in their town? Sadly, the battle was eventually lost, and the clinic allowed to open.

One of the most enraging factors in this whole situation was the hideously deceptive tactics Planned Parenthood used to build the clinic; initial permits referred to "Gemini Office Development, LLC" instead of openly disclosing that an abortuary was being built, so that the citizens of Aurora wouldn't know to fight against it until it was too late. One article I read said that contractors, who were surprised by some of building requirements (including bulletproof glass) would never have agreed to work on the construction if they'd known in advance they were helping to build a baby-killing center; but Satan is the father of lies and a liar from the beginning, so it's not all that surprising that people whose consciences are unmoved by the thought that their whole lives' work centers around the violent killing of unborn humans would have a problem telling a few lies, or omitting the inconvenient truth.

And now they're doing the same thing, this time in Ohio. The building permit is for an innocuous sounding "Auburn Avenue Parking," but since when does Planned Parenthood build parking lots? The answer is simple: they don't. And the Cincinnati area pro-lifers are gearing up for a full-fledged battle.

Not only is Planned Parenthood covering up the fact that they're building an abortion clinic, but the proposed clinic will be near a predominantly African-American high school, showing once again how readily this obscene organization continues to carry out its foundress's eugenic vision. African-Americans make up about 12% of this country's population, yet account for about 32% of all abortions, according to this; it's clear that Planned Parenthood targets minorities especially for the sale of their "services," most especially their abortion "services." But like most moral cowards, Planned Parenthood is pretending to build a "parking lot" and not disclosing the fact that once again their intent is to build a baby-killing facility in close proximity to young African-American women, in the hopes that their new business will be profitable. Location, location, location, right?

In the early years of Margaret Sanger's career, eugenics was a popular field of study. Like most anti-religious materialists, the eugenicists became convinced that it would be possible to build a perfect human society, and that no particular notions of morality or virtue would be needed. Instead, we could eliminate crime, poverty, disease, and dysfunction by simply stopping those genetically predisposed to crime, poverty, disease and dysfunction from breeding. All negative aspects of human behavior had to be simple genetics, because there was no such thing as original sin; "good" and "evil" were relative constructs with no abstract meanings, and we could simply breed people like we breed farm animals to remove any unwanted characteristics.

And then Adolf Hitler rose to power. No one could have demonstrated better than Hitler what the end results of eugenic thought would be; removing the notion of original sin didn't remove sin but magnified it beyond belief, and the new dawn of barbaric atheistic cruelty was a bloody precursor to the violence and murder that would characterize the other atheistic societies that would arise, in Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union, in parts of Asia where it still lingers, and in other pockets of mayhem that flared up briefly by the light of their own incendiary fates.

But though one of the many effects of the Second World War was to drive eugenics back underground, it wasn't brought to an end. Today's eugenicists are the ones who think they can end poverty and crime by killing the unborn children of the poor or of incarcerated mothers or fathers. They carry with them a thinly-veiled contempt for the idea of virtue, or the notion that young minority men and women are even capable of learning right and wrong, seeking to follow God, or of any sort of self-control. They laugh at the idea that what really ails so many minority communities has been the absolute wreckage of the nuclear family brought about by the sexual revolution which they championed, and still champion. They want to "solve" the problems of the African-American community by building their killing centers in the midst of that community and slowly but steadily decreasing the population of minorities in America.

But they know that more and more Americans are turning away from the hideous destruction of innocent unborn humans. They know that within communities such as Cincinnati it's quite possible that a large group of concerned citizens will be able to stop them from building new offices and new clinics. They know that voices within the African American community are connecting the dots between Margaret Sanger's appalling ideology and the targeting of minority women for their "services."

And so they hide, like every other dark thing that fears the light. They, the cowards who are Planned Parenthood, hide behind permits for office buildings and parking lots.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about this interpretation of the history of eugenics movement in US with regard to Ms. Sanger, but have heard tales of mandatory sterilizations of mentally (?socially) unaccepted citizens of the State of Indiana, and the frontal lobotomy debacle. I don't know if they're related, as a 'sign of the times' in an era of social debauchery, but it was very irritating to receive Planned Parenthood ads in the last State elections. They were slick and there were a ton of 'em. (? my tax dollars at work?) Usually depicted a dark photo of a forlorn, impoverished woman with the words to the effect of expressing outrage over pharmacists with morals. Made me sick, and irritated.

Wendy & Chris said...

Well said, Red!

Jennifer F. said...

Could Planned Parenthood possibly be any more evil? It's just amazing.

I recently had the privileged of meeting this guy, who has done amazing work in fighting the evil of Planned Parenthood. His example is so inspiring.