Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of (Some)mer

It's the first day of summer, and boy is it hot here in Texas!

I did some chores around the house--emphasis on some. I vacuumed some, but not all, of the house; I folded some, but not all, of the laundry; I cleaned some part of the bathrooms, but the girls did the rest.

I'm making some pasta salad for dinner--it's almost finished. I'm sure there's some dessert around here (I know there's still some Father's Day cake).

I've been keeping busy with some things, dealing with some others, and getting frustrated or annoyed with some more.

I'm starting to think that we need to do something about the chore situation; during the school year I may have to nag the girls some of the time to check the chore chart and keep on schedule, but it seems that all our schedules have blown right out the window, and we're having some trouble keeping up with the daily basics.

I think we need some balance, and maybe some focus. We may have to find some more activities for the girls to keep them occupied during these long, hot afternoons; while I don't mind letting them spend some time on the computer or playing other electronic games, I do have some problems with the notion of too much time spent on either. And as for the television--well, after some unfortunate indulgence in that arena I made it clear that some occasional video watching would be all right, but they had to find something else to do most of the time (I suggested some reading; I always do!).

Sometimes I love summer, finding it relaxing and freeing. But sometimes I forget that even though summer has come there are still dentist appointments and roof replacements and birthday plans and follow-up cavity filling appointments and follow up roof leak fixes and inspections and the nice man who came out and made a DSL adjustment of sorts and the person who still has to come out to confirm whether the repair to our a/c someone else recommended really needs to be done and...and...

Sometimes things get so hectic and out of control you almost forget it's summer. But some golden light filters in through the blinds, and some joy in a cold supper and pink-cheeked children reveling in even some outdoor play will be the reminder that, yes, after all, summer is sometimes wonderful.

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matthew archbold said...

I find that once summer comes I kind of miss the organization and tight schedule of the school year.
Mind you, that can easily be fized by hanging out in the back with the kids and reading with them and other sundry activities.