Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hatchick!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our youngest daughter, affectionately nicknamed "Hatchick" for her love of hats! She wears hats to Mass on many Sundays, wears hats outside to play, and sometimes wears them "just because." Her sisters admire her fashion sense and her ability to put together cute outfits, complete with hats!

She has a small menagerie of stuffed creatures who live on her bed and all around the room she shares with Bookgirl--she has always loved stuffed pigs, also loves stuffed elephants, and has a camel and a rhinoceros which St. Nicholas brought to her over the course of a couple of Christmases. She is planning to visit the zoo today and to make a special stop to see the penguins, so I won't be unduly surprised if a stuffed penguin comes home with us to live among her ever-growing collection of unusual critters.

Hatchick loves to do many different things. She's an avid reader, and among her current favorites are the old-fashioned "Cherry Ames" nurse books which have recently been re-released. She's also quite good at games, especially video games, and is more likely to beat her father at several of the games she and her sisters play with him than either of the other two girls are. Hatchick is an especially good "driver" and wins video racing games with ease. She can give her sisters a run for their money at non-electronic games, too, like chess, checkers, and card games--but she has learned to be a good sport on the (rare) occasions when she does get defeated. She loves to ride her scooter outdoors and fly a mini-kite in the back yard; a good day for Hatchick is one where she never had to be still for very long!

Despite her competitive spirit Hatchick has a very tender heart. She can't help but find certain pieces of classical music to be "sad" even if that wasn't necessarily the composer's intention; a frown or pout on anyone else's face usually makes her run to deliver a cheering hug, and she hates for someone to be feeling blue. Her temper may be on the quick side, but her desire to make amends and be at peace with everybody is even quicker than her temper.

Though she's had a whole decade to be the baby of the family, she'd love for God to send her a little brother or sister, because "babies are soooooo cuuuuute!!!" I hope her wishes in this regard will be answered, but in the meantime I'm happy to celebrate the tenth birthday of my 'littlest' girl, whose cheery smile and mischievous antics bring delight to my heart.

Happy birthday, Hatchick! May God bless you as he did me, when he picked you out to be an important part of our family!


Matilda said...

Happy Birthday Hatchick!!!! Everyone here woke up proclaiming today as your special day! We are all thinking of you and wishing you a fabulous day! Enjoy it!

freddy & friends said...

Have a super birthday, Hatchick! We're all thinking about you and hoping you have a fantastic day! God bless you!

Tarcisius said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick, and have a terrific time! Pax tecum!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick! I remember the day you were born. (I was there!) I love you!


Aunt DLS