Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reaping the Whirlwind

In yesterday's post I made a reference to the social and cultural destruction about to be unleashed on this country by the push to legalize gay marriage; nobody thinks the homosexual population will be very long satisfied with just Massachusetts and California, which means that what happened yesterday in California is just the point of the spear, the camel's nose under the tent, the first raindrops of the approaching hurricane. (I offer several phrases in the hopes that we can allow the poor frog to stay away from pots of tepid water, as I've encountered that analogy with increasing frequency, each time explained in tedious detail as if the reader has never heard of it before--but I digress).

In the comments below yesterday's post Irenaeus of Retractiones, whom I admire tremendously, asked if I'd elaborate a little on the idea of the nascent social and cultural destruction. I'm happy to do that, but if you all don't mind, I'd like to approach the subject a little differently than I have before.

Imagine an American Christian family in the not-too-distant future. Like many families today, they're unhappy with the public school their children attend, but can't afford private schools, either. They've thought about homeschooling, but since the passage of the Educational Diversity Act of 20--, they know that even homeschoolers must use "approved diverse" textbooks and materials, which include units on homosexual families, pictures of gay men and lesbians with the children they are currently raising, and even "sex ed" materials that include discussions of heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender, and other "options" which the child is encouraged to explore in order to discover "hyser's" orientation ("hyser," of course, being the new gender-neutral singular possessive pronoun which has replaced "his" and "hers," in much the same way that "shehei" has replaced he/she). So although homeschooling would avoid some of the troubles of the public school, it wouldn't avoid them all; while homeschoolers initially fought this Act, they lost when its proponents repeatedly compared them to people who only want to see white couples in textbooks, and questioning whether "known bigots" should have the right to teach their children at home in the first place.

The children go to school. One of the girls has a married lesbian teacher this year; the teacher has a wedding picture of herself and her spouse on her desk, and talks openly to the children in the classroom about her spouse's pregnancy. The Christian family has already had to answer questions about this, as their daughter wanted to know how two women could make a baby; she also asked questions about why Mom decided to marry a boy instead of a girl. Though the family did their best to explain their values, their daughter is very angry at them, because when she repeated the family conversation in school she was sent to the principal, who assigned her to mandatory counseling to, as he put it, "counteract your parents' heterosexist/heteronormative bigotry." From the school's point of view the counseling, which is putting a rift between the daughter and her parents and causing the child to reject the Christian viewpoint they have tried to instill in her, is working perfectly.

The father goes to work. On his way he stops to pick up a co-worker, who kisses his male spouse at the door. The father has been assigned to carpool with this co-worker because of the company's new green energy policy; this particular co-worker was assigned to his carpool, the father suspects, because his boss knows that the father is a committed Christian whose church lost its tax-exempt status over their refusal to stop preaching against gay marriage and encouraging people to vote for a Constitutional amendment to stop it once the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. So far the father has kept quiet about his religious beliefs despite the fact that the co-worker openly calls him a "breeder" and insults his Christian faith at every opportunity; the father knows it's a setup to get him fired, ever since the company found out about his religion.

The mother, who stays at home with the youngest child, a toddler, goes out to get the mail. There are advertisements and catalogs who have adopted the country's new diversity guidelines by enthusiastically incorporating all sorts of "couples" into their ads; a man in a dress is comically depicted in an ad for a laundry detergent for "delicate undergarments," while a wedding caterer's ad proclaims, "We accept all clients, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, as directed by state anti-discrimination law." Before her marriage the mother once worked for her parents' bridal shop, which went out of business when a lesbian couple threatened to sue her parents for discrimination. In fact, her parents had only informed the couple that it wouldn't be possible to get the dresses both "brides" wanted in the extremely short time period they demanded; but the threat of a lawsuit was the last straw for her sad parents, already demoralized by the conflict between their work life and their Christian beliefs.

Another piece of mail is a curt letter informing the family that their son's Scout troop is disbanding. Only a handful of Scout troops remained active in America anyway, and now that their troop was being forced to hire a gay scout leader to prove that they were in compliance with anti-discrimination policies the troop had decided to cease to exist, instead. A rival organization, the "Gay Scouts," dedicated to the self-discovery of gay or questioning boys between the ages of eight and eighteen, was flourishing in terms of grant money and public funding (though their membership remained rather low).

At least the Christian book ordered on the Internet had come with the mail; most small Christian bookstores, including Catholic ones, had closed up shop rather than face endless legal harassment by gay activist groups insisting that the shops promoted "hate speech" and ought to be shut down. Since the pressure was growing for America to conform with European and Canadian standards for the definition of "hate speech," the bookstores might have been wise--even the publishing companies might soon be sued out of existence, if the redefinition of "hate speech" proceeded the way gay activists wanted it to.

This fictional family of the future no longer has a television, as the gay programming and advertisements have become more and more graphic; they no longer go to movies, because even in children's movies at least one gay film will be among the previews; they avoid most public events, because public decency laws have been struck down as "unconstitutional" in light of the Court's decisions on gay marriage and the right of people to define the pursuit of happiness however they want. They pay increasingly high taxes for the privilege of being defined as "bigots" and "haters" because of their religious beliefs; one daughter has already started to agree with society, and may avail herself of the "right" to leave her family and be raised by strangers, which exists due to the adoption of the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child.

And this is a relatively benign view of the likely future of a post-gay marriage America.

We are venturing into uncharted territories, but what we do know from every other state or country that has legalized gay marriage is that religious people suffer the loss of rights and freedoms at an alarming rate, all to make us conform to the prevailing social view that there is nothing at all different or special about the heterosexual married couple and the children who are their gift from God. Although God Himself is the architect of the family, although it pleased Him to make us male and female, and give us the command to be fruitful and multiply, our hubristic and selfish generation sees no harm at all in tampering with that Divine ordaining and command, and to raise up as an equal to the family a sinful disordered image of it which is as perverse as it is untrue. Satan can make nothing new; he can only bend and distort what was intended to be good into something ugly and destructive; and the destruction may be much, much worse than I've described here.


Anonymous said...

Where's your faith Red? As much as things change, as much as they stay the same. We use the public school and it isn't bad. In fact, the only people who seem to complain about it are people whose children aren't in it. Seriously. I saw more unchristian attitudes at the parochial school that my children used to attend before we pulled them out. I grew up in the 70s and you couldn't go into NYC (Port Authority) without seeing prostitutes and XXXX billboards plastered all over the place. Sometimes things do get better.

Red Cardigan said...

All due respect, Anonymous, but I have plenty of faith.

But God never promised us He'd save America, or keep us a strong and healthy nation.

As we reject Him, as we mock Him, as we replace His commandments with our endless searching for mindless pleasure, do we really think He will shield us from the consequences of our own actions?

Daddio said...

Thanks for avoiding the tired frog analogy. Besides being way over-used, it is a myth. The frog will actually jump out when it gets hot. Only liberals are too stupid to recognize danger.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Red, this vision is grimly, depressingly believable.

Likely, even.

matthew archbold said...

OK. I'm scared. Thanks for ruining my day Red. Thanks a lot ;)

Red Cardigan said...

Matthew, you're welcome. :)

Paul, thanks for the link on your site! I still hope if enough people understand how bad this could be, we might yet stop it--but it's getting harder to believe that.

Daddio, really? I'm glad to know that the frog doesn't really just sit there and die! Maybe that's a good metaphor for what I *hope* will happen, then! :)

volpecircus said...

The part in your post about the laws of decency vanishing really hit home. This Saturday in our city there is going to be a huge gay pride festival in one of our parks. It is being promoted as a "family friendly event" despite the fact that the opening "act" is an entire host of drag queens. The festival was also marketed throughout the local public schools as I am told.

Irenaeus said...

Anonymous, two things:

(1) When you write, "Where's your faith Red?", you miss the point. God has let his most faithful be hanged, beheaded, roasted in a brazen bull (St Antipas), fried on a gridiron (St Lawrence), raped, hacked to death, torn from limb to limb. God let Christian culture collapse in the face of Islam. God let Mohammed breathe. God let Luther destroy the West. Certain Red has great faith that God can do great things; but I think she's properly Augustinian -- Christian -- in taking a dim view of human culture and realizing that the city of God and the city of Man struggle together, to the end of time.

When you write, "I saw more unchristian attitudes at the parochial school that my children used to attend before we pulled them out," I just gotta wonder if you equate a "Christian attitude" with being a milquetoast flavor of nice.

Oh heck, make it three: so what if prostitutes and XXXX billboards (must have been torture porn or snuff films, since most porn is just XXX) have been around in plain view? We're allowed to worry about and complain about the degradations of culture.

Irenaeus said...

Red Cardigan, I'll agree it'll be bad for us. (I NEVER thought I'd see the day the Boy Scouts were the bad guys.) But what sort of arguments would you make about *society at large*?

Red Cardigan said...

Irenaeus, you keep asking the best questions!! Now I've got a "whole nother" post brewing. It may take a bit to percolate, but briefly my answer would be that "bad for us" IS "bad for society."

As we witness the unraveling of Christian culture and its gradual replacement with a form of post-Christian secularism that is still a bit formless and nebulous, we can't help but ponder, I think, what life was like before Christianity had much of a say in how societies were structured. The weak and helpless were seen as disposable and were discarded, power was concentrated in the hands of the wealthy, public morality was an oxymoron, misery and degradation were the norm for the great majority.

The people behind gay marriage want, as do so many other promoters of cultural suicide, to silence the Church--at least those elements in Christianity which still strive against the rampant evils they want to enthrone as cultural values. But when they have destroyed the influence of Christianity within our culture once and for all--what then?

More soon...I'm up way too late. :)

Subvet said...

Very well written, and unfortunately very plausible.

Tarcisius said...

That was wonderful. It reminded me of George Orwell, especially the new "gender neutral" words (which were reminiscent of Newspeak). However, in this case, it's definitely more believable than 1984, and therefore scarier.

jen said...

This post made me think of the world as imagined at Armaggedon (sp)
Moral decline, lack of Godly belief, & total self centered lifestyles.

Scary. Hopefully not true, but scary because I see society going in just this direction. Thanks for the great post.

eric said...

Sorry I'm late on this but...have you looked to the north lately? This is already in the Americas and spreading fast. With the courts disregarding the people and the rest of government you can kiss your Hail Marys good-bye.

Erin said...

I will admit, scarily, that some of this does sound plausible. I should also say that I'm not a well informed person when it comes to law and politics. However, wouldn't the first amendment protect what we believe? I was homeschooled and can't believe that the state would force the homeschoolers to incorporate "other ways of life" into teaching our children, especially if one uses a Catholic program.

John Thayer Jensen said...

"I will admit, scarily, that some of this does sound plausible. I should also say that I'm not a well informed person when it comes to law and politics. However, wouldn't the first amendment protect what we believe? I was homeschooled and can't believe that the state would force the homeschoolers to incorporate "other ways of life" into teaching our children, especially if one uses a Catholic program."

No law can protect anyone. It requires men to do that. If laws could protect, the Fourteenth Amendment would have prevented legal abortion.

If the men whose duty it is to enforce the laws, passing new laws will protect no one.