Friday, July 25, 2008

Chris Matthews' Plea

I wouldn't ordinarily link to the Huffington Post website, but theirs was the only one I found which had this story, which I'd heard about from my husband, in print.

As the link will illustrate, Chris Matthews begged older voters to lay aside their racism and vote--well, to be fair, he didn't come right out and tell them to vote for Obama. From the site above, these are Matthews' words:
I hope for one thing when people go to vote: that they look at [Obama's] background, that they look at the age of the two candidates, that they look at their abilities and really open up their hearts and say "what's really good for my kids," who don't have any color awareness.

Kids don't think about race. Think like your kids for once. Think the way they think. It would be great if the older people in the country, the 70 year olds, the 80 year olds who are suspicious of change to say, "you know, why don't I think the way my kids are thinking and think about the future."

Whatever they decide, just open up your heart to this prospect of something different. That's what I hope we do.

This is a pretty amazing thing to say. In effect, Matthews is assuming that anyone over a certain age will reject Obama for the presidency solely on the basis of race--and, by extension, Matthews is assuming that the only reason for anyone to reject Obama is going to be a racially motivated reason.

And there's even a subtle jab at McCain's age in Matthews' words--it's as if he's telling the octogenarian crowd that they should vote for someone closer to their children's ages than their own, for the sake of "the future."

One of the most frustrating things about liberals is that they really do assume that the only way people can disagree with them is by being irrational, biased, bigoted, uninformed or uneducated. It never seems to occur to people like Chris Matthews that some seventy and eighty-year-olds aren't racists at all, but won't vote for Obama because they are pro-life conservative Christians who find Obama's policies as obnoxious as they do his messianic complex.

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Mick said...

Also note this line:

that they look at the age of the two candidates

So in other words, ageism is OK, and racism isn't.

That's a consistant message.