Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's Send Matt

Mark Shea has a truly Chestertonian gift for stating what ought to be obvious, but, sadly, in an enlightened age is often disregarded:
Now, in the old days, when somebody declared war on us and killed a whole lot of our innocent citizens, as well as costing us billions in damages, we would fight right back against that attacker and destroy him. The term for this is "just war".

However, 9/11 changed everything. So instead of focusing our efforts on the people who actually attacked us, we've poured our efforts into a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and, as President Bush made clear, we sort of lost interest in the guy who attacked and murdered 3000 of our citizens. Instead of destroying him, we decided instead to say, "We don't even care about you. You're so gay! So there!"

That showed him.

Still, I think it would be really rather nice if we could like, finish what we set out to do in Afghanistan (that was, if you recall, the just war that we embarked on before we got side-tracked with Grand End to Evil plans in Iraq). Capturing or killing bin Laden and his henchmen would actually be a response to 9/11 that would be a response to 9/11.
He's right, you know. We really ought to have caught Osama bin Laden by now; it's rather embarrassing that we haven't.

I used to think it might be rank incompetence that was keeping Our Guys from locating and arresting the terror mastermind, but now I'm not sure that it isn't, instead, a matter of finance. We've spent so much of our good will capital, not to mention real dollars, in the growing nightmare that is Iraq that maybe our leaders are afraid that the American people won't finance a protracted search for the 9/11 plotter-in-chief. Granted, when your country is capable of misplacing 25 billion dollars just five years ago it's hard to argue that we can't afford to spend the cash to find bin Laden, but that's America: penny wise, billion foolish.

So if the politicians and powers-that-be are afraid to tell the American people that we could probably find bin Laden if we'd up the ante from a financial perspective, maybe we could take a different approach. I've got a suggestion: let's send this guy to Afghanistan and the surrounding countries (the axis of enablers). Sooner or later, I'll bet, bin Laden would be as unable to resist joining the on-camera dancers as a cartoon character is to resist the completion of the "Shave and a Haircut" shtick--and then the CIA could nab him.

I can just see the news reports now--breathless anchorpeople announcing a special news event: "And now, a CBS/NBC/ABC/PBS/Fox (etc.) News Special: The Capture of Osama bin Laden...brought to you by Stride (TM) Gum."

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