Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Massachusetts: The Las Vegas of Gay Marriage

Remember this post? Well, now the Massachusetts House of Representatives has voted likewise, which means that as soon as the Governor signs this change into law same-sex couples from all over the country can go to Massachusetts for their dream weddings. Doesn't matter if gay marriage is illegal in your home state, people! Come spend tons of money on a lavish gay Massachusetts wedding extravaganza!

When Mitt Romney was governor, he apparently thought, erroneously, that the 1913 law would be strong enough to guard against the eventual danger that this would happen. From the second link:
Romney ordered municipal clerks to enforce the 1913 law after gay marriages began in Massachusetts in May 2004.

Romney said the law was need to prevent Massachusetts from becoming "the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage." Former Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly also supported the 1913 law.
I feel a great deal of sympathy for heterosexual couples in Massachusetts: the phrase "Massachusetts marriage" has just become a national joke, on par with the "Las Vegas Wedding" and the "Reno Divorce."

(One wonders which county in Massachusetts will become the gay-marriage counterpart to Reno. They're going to need one, you know.)

In fact, if I were a citizen of Massachusetts, I'd be looking for a new home state right about now. Why wait around to become an employee of the gay wedding/gay honeymoon industry, which will be the biggest employer in the state before long? Why wait to have more freedoms and rights taken away by this new vocal group, which has already ended Catholic Charities' ability to place children for adoption, and will be seeking to shut down as much of the Catholic Church's ability to continue to oppose gay marriage as it possibly can? Why wait to have one's children forced to recite gay fairy tales like "King and King" from kindergarten on?

Massachusetts has declared war on the traditional understanding of marriage in every other state of the union with this decision of theirs. The gay rights activists are determined to redefine marriage in America and then redefine anyone who refuses to accept the new definition as a bigot. And in Massachusetts, they're not content with tampering with the lives of only their own citizens--they'd like to bring Massachusetts-style marriage to your state, too.

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Melanie B said...

That's easy the "Reno" of Massachusetts will be Provincetown. It's already quite well known as a gay resort haven.

As for why stay in MA. Well, eventually we might move to Texas to be near my family. For now my husband is working for the Archdiocese of Boston and trying to make a difference. Why stay? To fight the good fight. To show these people we won't give in without a fight. And becasue there are sould here who need to be evangelized. But you can bet we're homeschooling the kiddos.