Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Priestess Connection

Patrick Archbold at CMR is a genius. I'm just sayin'.

Here's my humble contribution:

The Priestess Connection (with apologies, sung to the tune of the Muppets' song, The Rainbow Connection)

Why are there so many
Stoles made of rainbows
And vestments that are tie-dyed?

Rainbows are symbols
Of womyn's confusion
And yet represent gay-pride

Get on the boat and wrap sheets all around you
Mu-mus and trinkets and sea
Someday they'll find it, the Priestess Connection
Athena and Isis and me.

Who said that only men
Could stand at the altar?
(God did. But we just don't care)

Somebody told us that
And some may believe it
We say it just isn't fair

We've gone as far as we can with star-gazing
Tarot cards, crystals, and tea
We want to find it, the Priestess Connection
Demeter and Freya and me...

(...all of us can cast a spell
Though mostly we're just comi-tragic...)

Have you dozed off at lunch
And heard mystic voices?
Calls to the priesthood for dames,

Was it the voice of fate
Or maybe the pizza?
Where can we place the blame?

I think Dan Brown is the one who began it
Or people who think God is "She"
Someday we'll find it, that Priestess Connection,
Minerva and Lilith and me..., excommunication...
la la la I cannot hear youuuuuu......!


volpecircus said...

wow, i was just about rolling on the floor laughing. i'll be singing that one for days. :)

Patrick Archbold said...

Right back at you Red ...ummm. Erin.

This song is perfect. You really must record it!

freddy said...

*snicker* *guffaw* *snort* !

Daddio said...

Freaking hilarious. I loved that song as a kid. Not long ago I realized how hippy-dippy it was, and now I'll never even be able to hear the tune with a straight face.

PS - Does Mr. M know about the little love fest going on between you two?... ;)

LarryD said...

I can just imagine the little banjo in the background: "plink-a-plink-a plink-a plink-a-plink"

Absolutely brilliant!

RC said...

That's fantastic! What represents the wacky childlike dream world of the priestitas and episcopettes better than the Muppets?


Matthijs Meeuwsen said...

Where exactly did God say this? I am just curious...