Friday, July 18, 2008

The Real Insult

Hillary Clinton attacked the Bush administration's plan to label accurately abortifacient contraceptives, which might then exclude these abortifacients from being included in health-care coverage plans:

But Democratic critics including Clinton warn that the Bush administration changes would have "damaging" consequences on women's ability to access birth control.

"The more I learn about these rules by the Bush administration, the more appalled I am and the more determined I am to stop them," Clinton said.

"This is a gratuitous, unnecessary insult to the women of the United States of America. These rules pose a dire threat to women's health, to health-care providers, and to uninsured and low-income Americans seeking care. It is a disgrace, but unfortunately it is not a surprise."

Setting aside that the last sentence could also be used to describe much of her husband's conduct, Hillary has once again showed just how rabidly pro-abortion she really is. The proposal at issue would simply point out that some drugs and methods of so-called "birth control" act to prevent the already-developing human life from implanting in his or her mother's womb, and are thus actually causing very early abortions. You would think that women like Hillary would support the notion of being honest with women about the fact that their supposed "family planning" method was actually killing off several members of their families, but you'd be wrong: before the god of abortion both Hillary and Obama bow low, making sure that no single unborn human life targeted for destruction escapes death, whether that death takes place the night after "mom's" wild partying with a man she doesn't know, or whether that death takes place as baby suffers and dies after a botched abortion, alone on a shelf, labeled "Medical Waste."

Their agenda is clear: from the moment of conception until a little while after birth, the child is his or her mother's property, and can be put to death by any combination of pills, potions, implements, poisons, or knives. Whatever element of the vile witches' brew is needed to do the deed must be allowed and even encouraged, or else women are being "insulted."

The biggest insult I see as a woman is that according to women like Hillary, I'm supposed to agree with this heinous and monstrous evil. Agitate for the death of the unborn all you want, Ms. Rodham--but I'm a woman, too, and I utterly reject the depths of your iniquity towards our unborn human sisters and brothers.


Jeff Miller said...

According to Hillary the biggest threat to women is information. How dare we prevent them from being ignorant!

matthew archbold said...

The Politically Correct Police Force" is triangulating on your position as we speak. You will face charges of heresy against the state. Please stay where you are. You will be collected soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I love your strength and willingness to share the truth with force and without hedging. The Church needs more of that these days.

MacBeth Derham said...

Honesty has never, ever been part of the pro-abortion agenda. And if you engage the pro-death partisans on the subject of honesty, they change the subject or walk away. What's the harm in knowing?

Great post, as usual.