Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Six Quirks Meme

The amazingly talented writer Maclin Horton of Light on Dark Water has tagged me for the "Six Quirks" meme. Like Maclin, I rarely do memes; the "chain letter" aspect of them has been something I've noticed as well. But this one seems to match Douglas Adams' description for the entry for Earth in Ford Prefect's copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so here goes:
  1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
  2. Mention the rules on your blog
  3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
  4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
  5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
My unspectacular quirks are as follows:
  1. I don't have pierced ears, and can't stand to watch anyone put pierced earrings on or adjust them. It gives me the heebie jeebies.
  2. I hate to eat a a table. I know, I know, it's bad for weight loss to eat elsewhere. If I could ever seriously stick to a "table or nowhere" rule I'd lose a lot of weight, but not because I'd be eating healthier--I'd just skip more meals. My exception is dinner, because I like to encourage family dinners--but I get antsy and want to start fidgeting about the kitchen getting a head start on the dishes when anybody's lingering. (Yes, Maclin, I was thinking of the quirk you listed about being a slow eater when I thought of this one!)
  3. I'm still afraid of wasps, even though I think I was five the only time I was stung by one. I tell myself it's an irrational fear and that they're not really so bad, even as I reach for a can of wasp spray.
  4. I hate to wear shoes indoors, and rarely do. In the summer I love being barefoot in the house; in the winter I give in and wear socks and slippers, but that's as close to indoor shoes as I'll get.
  5. Speaking of socks, I have probably worn pantyhose or tights five times or less in the past five years. I think of Scott Adams' Dilbert character Alice, who fumes in an early comic strip something to the effect that it must have been an idiot who would invent a leg covering that could be destroyed by brushing against a twig.
  6. This one may strain the bounds of "unspectacular" but I like it to be dark in my room at night. Really, really dark. Went out and bought heavy curtains dark. Sleep with a kitchen-sized towel over my eyes dark. (I've tried those sleep masks, but the elastic is uncomfortable and they're not as 'total darkness' producing as a simple towel.) When I was growing up I would sleep with my covers pulled completely over my head, so the towel is actually an improvement!
Now, whom to tag? Matilda, of course!

And Margaret, MommaLlama and Daddio, Nutmeg, and JP if any of you want to.

Thanks, Maclin! :)


Matilda said...

I played!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thanks for the tag, Red! I hope to play, sometime after the craziness of the Allstar baseball game(s) this weekend and next week's conference.