Friday, July 18, 2008

There's a Joke in Here Somewhere

In all seriousness, I'm glad the women are okay:
Several of Mary Kay’s pink ladies were injured at the Dallas Convention Center this afternoon when a contracted employee changed the direction of an escalator while they were still on it.

The women were heading to lunch on a downward escalator in area "D" near Lamar Street when the incident occurred, said Frank Poe, Dallas convention center and events director. Mary Kay spokesman Crayton Webb said a contracted security person reversed the escalator and the abrupt change surprised the women, causing them to fall on each other.

“From our perspective, this was an unfortunate accident that was preventable,” Mr. Webb said.

At least 10 people received minor injuries and five were transported to nearby hospitals, Mr. Poe said. Some women suffered scrapes, bruises and one may have sprained an ankle. The women taken to the hospital were treated and released.

Like I said, I'm glad they're all okay--but I admit to a little undignified giggling at the thought of the spectacle. And at the likelihood that a joke beginning "How many Mary Kay ladies does it take to ride an escalator?" is already being written somewhere in America.

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