Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Bit Of Good News

Sometimes in the midst of all the big world issues, it's nice to remember that the small stories of ordinary people averting tragedy are a more real moment of contact with God's presence than all the headline-grabbing politics and doomsday scenarios. Exhibit A:

Frank Devaull is normally working each mid-day, but on Thursday the 60-year-old handy man came home to cool off for a short while.

The elderly woman living next door in the 5500 block of Geddes Avenue was glad he did.

Luella Crosby, 90, came over and quietly asked if he could lend a hand.

There was smoke inside her house and she wanted to get her husband, Alfred, outside. The couple had lived in the west-side home near Lake Como since 1944. [...]

But 92-year-old Alfred, a double-leg amputee with other medical problems, was stuck in a hospital bed. [...]

Devaull could finally get Alfred out of the door, but that was tough, too.

"He's an amputee, but he's not a small man," Devaull said. "But he never hollered and he never cried. I don't think he ever got scared." [...]

"I'm just glad Frank was at home," Luella said later, surrounded by loved ones. "My husband would have burned because I couldn't get him out.

"Frank -- he's all right."

But Devaull declined to take credit

"Every morning," he said, "when I say my prayers, I say 'God, please give me the strength to help somebody, if I ever come across somebody in that position.'

"Well, today he did."

When we say the right sort of prayers, God always answers them, doesn't He? If you have time, read the whole article; it's good to remember that the Franks and Alfreds and Luellas in our life will always mean more to us than the McCains and Obamas, and that the little stories of everyday miracles can uplift us more than a dozen campaign speeches or clever candidate ads.

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