Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dog Places "Undue Burden" on Teenage Mom

Or, at least, that's how Barack Obama would explain this CNN story:
A dog sheltered a newborn baby abandoned by its 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina until the boy was rescued, a doctor said Friday.

A resident of a rural area outside La Plata called police late Wednesday night to say that he had heard the baby crying in a field behind his house.

The man went outside and found the infant lying beside the dog and its six newborn puppies, Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, told CNN.

The temperature was a chilly 37 degrees, Salcedo said.

The dog had apparently carried the baby some 50 meters from where his mother had abandoned him to where the puppies were huddled, police said.

"She took it like a puppy and rescued it," Salcedo said. "The doctors told us if she hadn't done this, he would have died."

"The dog is a hero to us."

The mother is getting psychological treatment, and the baby is in a hospital.

To pro-choicers, the tragedy of this situation is that this young mother couldn't quietly kill her baby son sometime before birth. To Barack Obama, I suspect, the tragedy of the situation is that the dog interfered with the mother's decision and placed an undue burden on her by saving the baby's life (and without even calling a second doctor! Let alone a first one!).

I think what could have been a really tragic situation was made less tragic by the survival of the baby; certainly the teen mother's mental health and eventual healing will be better if she doesn't lay awake nights imagining the horror of her child's death on top of all the pain and guilt she already carries. But then, I agree that the dog was a hero, so what do I know?


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Well said, as always.

freddy said...

Thank God! And thank dog, too! There really must have been angels working overtime on this one.

La Familia said...

Praise God! I wish there were more lactating dogs around abortion mills. If an animal would save a human baby, what does that make the doctors responsible for trying to end their lives? Or the mothers who abandon them after giving them birth?