Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Break

No, not from blogging--not just now!

But let's have some fun with a Blogthings quiz--I haven't posted one in a while, and this one is entertaining:

You Are the Storyteller

You have a way with words, and you love hearing yourself talk.

You are at your best when you have an audience, and you can carry on a conversation with anyone.

You are light hearted and fun - a natural entertainer. It's a side of you that you can't really turn off.

You thrive on attention (perhaps a little too much), and you love applause.

When you allow yourself to be serious, you can be a moving and articulate speaker.

Your words have power, and not just the power to make people laugh.

How about you? If you take the quiz, how do you come out?

I'll get back to some serious blogging later this afternoon--but somehow, after watching a bit too much of the DNC last night, all my thoughts seem to have taken on a grey dull pallor, and all I can really think to say is that Nancy Pelosi should really put a sock in it--which isn't the kind of thing I ought to be blogging.

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freddy said...

philosopher. weird, huh?