Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Mom Rhyme

We're having company today
Our house is at its best.
We've swept and scrubbed and tidied
To get ready for our guests.
It still looks like a family house--
It's not all that pristine...
But just for once, and all at once
The whole darned thing is clean!


Histor said...

I assume that as soon as you finished this, you had to drag a daughter out of the pantry, where she was dumping flour all over the place and herself. That's what usually happens.


Red Cardigan said...

Nope, my girls are past the flour-dumping stage.

Toy-dumping, books-we're-still-reading-dumping, hair thingys-dumping, assorted-clutter-dumping, sure. But not flour.

Unless they're baking; but I do my share of careless flour-sifting too, so I can't complain (I mean hey, they're *baking*!!).

Kradcliffe said...

Nothing like a frenzied bout of cleaning to get the house into shape. It doesn't last long around here, though.

eulogos said...

HOpe you didn't clean in those heels!

In my day I experience flour dumping, cat foot dumping, peanut butter smearing-an entire 5 pound bucket of peanut butter, into exposed brick wall, screens....

Maybe it's just as well I am too old to have any more. maybe
Susan Peterson

Red Cardigan said...

Susan, I only wish that were me! :)

But I don't even wear heels. And would look like a very short balloon in that dress.