Thursday, August 21, 2008

More on Obama and Abortion

I've been focusing in on Barack Obama's radical pro-abortion stances, and in particular on his denial of support for the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. It's amazing to me that this late into the campaign some of these details are still coming forward, but hopefully now that the media has noted some of his inconsistency and denials in this arena we'll see more attention paid to the abortion issue and Barack Obama; at the very least, if the MSM ignores it, we can count on various right-wing media outlets to do the one thing they do really well by picking up the slack.

But let's take a look for a moment at some of the other positions Barack Obama has taken on abortion. Bear in mind that this is not a "personally opposed" Kerryesque figure; this man has made it abundantly clear that for all his talk about fostering good will and so forth that he wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, completely supports abortion. There is no abortion anywhere in America that Barack Obama would ban, no matter how late in gestation or how gruesome the procedure. Here's a look at some details:

Barack Obama voted against banning Partial Birth Abortions. (Link goes to NRLC black and white drawing; it's not as graphic as a photo but senstitve people might want to avoid it anyway.)

Barack Obama supports federally-funded embryonic stem cell research.

Barack Obama voted against extending SCHIP health insurance eligibility to unborn children. (The argument I've heard from pro-abortion Democrats is that coverage for "pregnant women" is adequate, and we don't want people to think of unborn children as "patients" because that might undermine Roe v. Wade.)

Barack Obama voted against stopping minors from crossing state lines to get abortions in other states. (So if your state has parental notification laws the underage pregnant girls in your state can travel elsewhere to avoid those, and that's fine with Barack.)

Barack Obama voted against parents being notified that their minor children have crossed state lines to obtain an abortion. (So not only can minor girls get abortions without telling their parents, nobody else is allowed to tell them either.)

And, as we already know, Barack Obama voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Barack Obama is not even remotely opposed to abortion, personally or otherwise. He is radically pro-abortion to a level that ought to disturb anyone who doesn't share those radical views. He has successfully presented himself as a typical "moderate" on the abortion issue, but moderates don't tend to get 100% approval ratings from the group that changed its former more truthful name as the National Abortion Rights Action League. "Naral Pro-Choice America" is about as "pro-choice" as Barack Obama; they're only in favor of choice when the choice results in a dead baby.


molly said...

I am grateful that you so eloquently defend life and keep people (like me) informed. Well done good and faithful servant!

nicole said...

I hate to admit it, but I have not always put pro-life issues at the forefront of my decision making. However, Obama's position on this issue terrifies me to a degree that past candidates have not. It seems to me the epitome of endorsing selfishness and irresponsibility. I do worry what will happen should he be elected.