Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Something to Watch

This could get very interesting:

A delegation of Episcopal priests from Fort Worth paid a visit to Catholic Bishop Kevin Vann earlier this summer, asking for guidance on how their highly conservative diocese might come into "full communion" with the Catholic Church.

Whether that portends a serious move to turn Fort Worth Episcopalians and their churches into Catholics and Catholic churches is a matter of dispute.

The Rev. William Crary, senior rector of the Fort Worth diocese, confirmed that on June 16 he and three other priests met with Bishop Vann, leader of the Fort Worth Catholic diocese, and presented him a document that is highly critical of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

The document states that the overwhelming majority of Episcopal clergy in the Fort Worth diocese favor pursuing an "active plan" to bring the diocese into full communion with the Catholic Church.

There's some debate over what this all actually means, with some Fort Worth Episcopalians suggesting that the intention is to become fully Catholic, while others are disagreeing and insist that the churches will remain Episcopalian. Despite the article, it's hard to know just what is happening, and it may be that any speculation is premature.

Nevertheless, the extremely conservative Episcopalians of Fort Worth must be in considerable pain over the recent developments within ECUSA, and any movement toward communion with Rome would be most welcome to the Catholics of Fort Worth.

I think prayer is in order, that God's will may be done, and that some good may come from the troubles and tribulations conservative Episcopalians have been suffering for so long now.

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