Monday, September 29, 2008

After Math

It's not a stretch to say that math isn't Kitten's favorite subject. She works hard, but has always found math to be difficult. I have lots of sympathy for this, as you might expect from an English major.

Tonight, though, Kitten was looking at a clothing catalog that arrived at our house (yes, I signed up to get off catalog's mailing lists, but was told it could take a few "mailing cycles" for the request to be processed. I'm thinking a "mailing cycle" is roughly as long as a campaign season). She was ooohing and ahhing over some pretty turtleneck sweaters. "Are they twenty dollars for two?" she asked me.

"No," I said, pointing to the text of the advertisement. "It says, buy any two, and they're twenty dollars each."

"Hmm. How much are they normally? Oh, it says twenty-five dollars. So if you buy two for forty dollars you've saved ten dollars...a pretty good deal, I think," she mused.

I just shook my head. To think that all this time I was under the impression that numbers were her enemies.

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