Monday, September 29, 2008

California's Parental Notification Initiative

It looks as though the State of California is poised to pass a ballot initiative that would require the parents of minor girls to be informed before the girls have abortions:
The initiative would require parental notification, not consent. When a girl younger than 18 asks a doctor for an abortion, the doctor must send a letter to her parents. No matter what opposition a parent might have, an abortion can still be performed 48 hours later.

For those who support parental notification, most said they believed parents needed to be involved or parents "have a right to know."

"My heart aches for any woman who has to go through that," said Velma McIntire, 54, of San Jose who participated in the Field Poll and supports parental notification. "I've had friends and relatives who had an abortion at a young age and they are going through so much counseling now. If a mom has gone through that and their daughters are pregnant, they can say, 'You know? Been there, done that.' So I'm real passionate about that."

She also believes the measure might deter teenagers from indulging in risky behavior if they think their parents might find out.

Predictably, Planned Parenthood and voters in Democrat strongholds oppose the measure, despite the fact that it does not stop girls from getting abortions, contains procedures for girls from abusive homes to avoid the reporting of the abortion, and so forth. Pro-life voters would probably agree that though it's worth supporting a measure like this one, such measures are relatively weak in terms of their ability to deter or stop any abortions from happening--but the idea that even one thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl might be talked out of an abortion by her parents is enough to send shivers down the spines of the radical pro-death-ers who just can't get enough of the killing of unborn humans.

It may seem extreme to say that. But how else can we interpret opposition to a common sense measure like this one? An abortion is not something you can "take back." Once it's done, it's done. The child you've killed will stay dead forever, and if, years later, you are no longer a scared fifteen-year-old but a thirty-year-old mother of two, will you be haunted by your living children's eyes as you think about their brother or sister whom you had killed?

And scared fifteen, or sixteen, or seventeen, or thirteen, or fourteen etc. year olds need their parents. They need someone to say to them, "It's okay. I'm disappointed but I still love you. We can help you decide how to take care of this baby, whether you are going to raise him or we are going to raise him or some loving family who yearns for a child is going to raise him. There are lots of good, positive, life-affirming choices we can make together that don't involve you having someone kill your baby, our grandchild." They need the people who gave them life to show them how it's possible to bring new life into the world, and how that new life will always transform us.

No one but a radical pro-death, abortion-always person could possibly oppose a ballot initiative like this one. Sadly, many who favor abortion are far more extreme in their pro-abortion, no choice for life views than they like to admit.


Anonymous said...

Can't get a tattoo or pierced ears without a parent's consent, but abortions are okay? That's sick.

Melanie B said...

Had this been the law in my home state someone I love dearly would almost certainly not have had an abortion. She will never fully recover from a bad decision made when she was young and scared and turned to her friends rather than her parents, who would have found a way to help her make a better choice. The way I see it a "choice" made in fear is not really a very free choice.

Anonymous said...

The crux of the matter, whether one supports the freedom to obtain an abortion or not, is that parental notification ought to be required for these young women who are seeking a major medical procedure. Parents or guardians need to know such information in order to provide appropriate care for their charges. This bill does not prevent girls from obtaining an abortion but rather protects them from the potentially lethal consequences of the ignorance of their caretakers. Obviously, one would also hope that this notification would result in counseling to choose other options.